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OOTD: Luna Lace

May 14, 2014

As part of Kiyonna’s Blogger Brigade, I have gotten the chance to try so many of their styles within the last year, but there was one dress that I saw many others wear that I hadn’t gotten my hands on yet — that is until now.

PicMonkey Collage


(image from Kiyonna’s website)

I love the design of the Scalloped Luna Lace Dress (slightly different than the regular Luna Lace Dress). I have the top version in two colors, so I knew I’d also love the dress. It’s perfect to wear to a spring/summer wedding, and I’m sure with the right jacket you could wear it out for a more casual day and evening too.

Now here comes the predicament — What do you do when you get a dress that calls for accessories that you don’t own? I’ll admit that I was tempted to go to the store and scoop out a necklace that went well with it (I may have actually done this at Forever21), BUT I am trying to be much smarter with my money and not buy accessories that only go with one item (consider me a recovering shopaholic). I originally imagined this dress with a great statement necklace in a contrasting color, but I just didn’t have it. Instead, I worked with what I already had

For my first look, I went for a more evening-ish look with a statement earring. Instead of a high contrast necklace, the earrings worked in similar colors but picked up more on green than the blue of the dress. To bring in a different pop of color, I went with a berry colored lip (more noticeable in person).



I also thought about how I would wear this with casual accessories. I’m a little in love with white accessories lately, so I went that route. Again, I didn’t have a necklace, so I decided a headband and bag would do.


arIMG_9657Scalloped Luna Lace Dress, Target Bag, Clarks wedges (similar)

The dress fits like a dream. If you’re worried about bra straps showing, no worries! The sleeves are not lined, but the top/neck is, so you will not be able to see straps underneath it.

So what do you do about accessories? Do you buy accessories for specific clothing items (or maybe events–which I’d probably do)? Is your style so consistent that it’s easy to mix around jewelry? Any tips?

OOTD: Hello There, Summer

May 12, 2014

Woo! The spring semester has finally ended, and although it had some amazing moments and inspiring work from my students, I’m happy to be on the other side of it. Last year, I went straight from spring to teaching over the summer to 2 weeks later starting at a new school, and as a new teacher, I’m pretty excited for some time to reflect and revise my classes before I get back in there in July.

As my last act of the semester, I went in to box up my office in preparation of moving to a different room. I needed something casual, but since I was able to sleep in past 5am I was energetic enough to actually dry my hair and intentionally pick what I wore (you don’t even wanna know the state of my hair this past month). I’ve been saving up to move into my own place, so lately my clothing purchases have been restricted to more frugal places, so this outfit (besides the shoes) is all Old Navy.


I’ve been shopping a lot from Old Navy’s regular women’s Tall section. This works well for me with their soft fabric tops and soft fabric dresses, but this vest is on the small side (though that didn’t stop me from wearing it). I’m kinda in love with the style and length. I can see myself wearing it with maxis and dark denim skinny jeans. Unfortunately, the plus size section does not have this in green, but they do have it in khaki.


For some reason my hair looks half blonde and half brunette, but I promise you that it’s evenly blonde. I’ve been wanting to get back to a lighter color, and I’m kind of in an in-between state, but I’m enjoying it.


Old Navy Tall boatneck top, Old Navy Tall vest, Old Navy Plus jeans, Target flats (last year)


By the way, I know I do not blog as often as I used to, but I do update instagram a little more regularly–you can follow me here (and comment on instagram so I can see and follow you back!)


OOTD: Hello Spring

April 27, 2014

It finally feels like spring has set in. I’ve been stowing away some dresses for a couple months waiting for warmer weather to appear, so I was excited to put on this eShakti dress to wear for a department party. It was the perfect flowy fabric that kept me cool, which I was thankful for because we sat in the shade by a pond for a couple hours and enjoyed the outdoors.




I used to shop at eShakti when I was first introduced to them, and then it was about a year and half before I tried them again. I’ve been pleased with the three items I’ve purchased over the last two months, but do look out for their sales because shipping can sometimes eat up your budge (especially if you’re buying multiple items).

OOTD: Feeling Joy

April 21, 2014

I am just a few short weeks away from wrapping up my first school year teaching writing courses at a local university. I am already dreaming of days spent enjoying the lake with Lola and getting to explore on a couple day trips. At the same time, after about 2 weeks off I’m sure I’ll be ready to get back to it (and I’m teaching in July, so it won’t be too far away). I really love where I work. It is very fulfilling, but it can also be overwhelming (I’m a slow respond-er, so the grade pile never goes away). I’m happy to say that I was offered a position there again next year. Having some continuity with employment is GREAT. I’m so happy, and I’m trying to take a moment to feel the joy rather than worry about everything else coming my way (a new apartment and the bills, bills, and more bills that come with living on your own).


Getting towards the end of the semester is giving me some much needed breathing room, though. So much breathing room that I *gasp* actually wore an outfit that I wanted to photograph! Kiyonna helped with this since they sent me this cute Haven Faux Wrap Top.


Like everything that Kiyonna puts out, it’s high quality and a great fit. I wore a tank top with this because I typically don’t wear tops that “go up” at the bottom hem, but the top is actually long enough to not wear one. I slipped on a couple simple gold accent accessories and wedges and was on my way to dinner with my family.



Kiyonna Haven Faux Wrap Top (gifted), Torrid skinnies (old style), Avenue heels (old style), Aldo ring (similar), ASOS earrings

How have you all been? Looking forward to any spring or summer time breaks/outings?

What I’ve Been Up To

April 5, 2014

Sorry for the silence from me lately. It’s been a busy/stressful few weeks at work, but things are starting to ease up for a bit. I have been having a lot of fun offline though, and I thought I’d share some of the looks I posted on Instagram lately.




I wore my deep green Kiyonna Wrapped in Romance dress and Forever21 knotted necklace to celebrate my sister’s birthday.


I’ve been loving the ease of maxi lengths lately, especially since the morning can be cold and the afternoon can be hot, so I also wore an Old Navy maxi skirt with plain white top and Lane Bryant jean jacket (similar) to work. By the way, I get a lot of clothes (tops and skirts) from Old Navy’s Tall section. It’s cut a little wider and longer, which allows me to have some of their main-range styles.



Yesterday I had an awards ceremony at work and then I headed out to go see Divergent by my lonesome as a “Yay! You got through a couple rough weeks” celebration :). I wore a Spiegel cardigan and Torrid flowy sheer black blouse. I like this cardigan but the brand Spiegel is kind of odd. They have huge price discrepancies between similar items (one cardigan is $94 and one will be $19), but this particular cardigan is $19.

I’ve decided recently to move out and get my own place closer to work, so I feel like I’m on the brink of a new part of my life. It’s a bit scary but exciting. I’ll be having to budget my spending much, much more and might also share more about searching for a new place. I’ve found myself getting bored of talking only about clothing lately, and my blog started with more topics than that, so I’m going to be branching out more on my topics. I hope you’re ready to go on this ride with me :)

OOTD: 90s-ish

March 8, 2014


When I put on today’s outfit, my sister was in absolute horror. “What?! Are you trying to bring back the 90s?” she exclaimed as I put on my boots. Well… maybe not bring it back, but I can’t deny I’ve been inspired by it. Too many episodes of My Mad Fat Diary and my super duper love for so many UK bloggers (where it seems 90s and grunge inspired looks are most worn) led me to this slip dress and eventually this outfit.

Now, my experience of the 90s was anything but fashionable. The 90s spanned years 2-12 of my life. I went about my life in baggy t-shirts, and I didn’t brush my hair.

photo 2 (5)

I mean, I really didn’t brush my hair. I was in absolute love with the Spice Girls, even dressing up as Baby Spice for Halloween one year.

photo 4 (1)

Because of this, I don’t have a big influence of the 90s on my fashion, as I really wasn’t aware of it when it was going on. That’s probably why My Mad Fat Diary is being so inspirational at the moment. (P.S. MMFD has Danny Two Hats, but Danny, my brother, is Danny Six Hats).

photo 3 (1)


Originally I envisioned it worn with a full leather jacket, but North Carolina went from snowing to warm in the matter of a day! Leather vest to the rescue :).

Something I often struggle with as I get dressed is the way fashion is worn in my area/culture. It’s easy to say wear what you want, but it’s harder in practice when wearing what you want would bring so much attention (I’m okay with “being seen” but don’t want every outfit to be a “big deal” — does this make sense?). I live in a small town in a place where jeans and tees are the standard look and preppy/conservative and country styles are most seen. One thing that I loved when I went to NYC for FFFWeek was that you saw so much diversity in style on the streets. Maybe if I spent more time in Charlotte I would see that diversity, but out in the towns surrounding Charlotte there’s just not much of it.

raDSC_0525Dots vest, ASOS Alice and You dress, Evans boots

So this outfit is one of those that will probably pull strong reactions — love or hate. Me? I err on the side of love, but maybe I’ll keep my looks to taking a little of the 90s, and I’ll leave some stuff behind for good.

Are you sartorially inspired by the 90s or any other decade? Do you draw your inspiration from shows/celebs of the time, your own experiences, or something else?

ASOS Giveaway Winners!

March 3, 2014

There were 132 entries for the ASOS giveaway, and only 2 could win. Who won? Check below!






Congrats to The Two Cent Chick and Swordlily! I will be in contact today to get your ASOS Voucher codes squared away :).

Thank you all for entering!


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