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Review: SimplyBe Western Denim Top

March 7, 2019

Hi everyone,

Long time no see! I’m still over on YouTube making regular videos — at least two a week! I hope you will join me there or follow on Instagram.

That said, I’m here to share a cute top from SimplyBe! This western denim top was gifted to me from SimplyBe’s team as part of a multi-influencer styling collab. I know Hailey of Discourse of a Divine Diva posted her look today, so check hers out too!

unnamed (1)

I’m wearing the SimplyBe top in a size 28. When I first thought about styling it, I knew I wanted to do some kind of tied waist. I’ve been a little obsessed with that look. My first inclination was to go denim on denim and pair this top with a lighter color jean bottom, but then I knew that accessories would have to bring the outfit to life. That made me change direction and go with a different texture. I paired it with a ribbed knit pencil skirt by Leith in a 4X, faux leather booties by Old Navy, and this felt hat from Torrid. I loved the mix of textures and felt that this choice brought much more depth to the look.


This top is so versatile, and I can’t wait to see how everyone else styled it! Let me know in the comments how you would wear it! ❤

Hey, I’m over on YouTube

October 9, 2018

Hi everyone! Long time, no posts, right?! I’ve moved on over to YouTube, and I hope you will join me there. Check out my review of the Girl With Curves x Lane Bryant line here! Please like & subscribe to see all new content.

Dressing Up with SimplyBe

October 13, 2017

When SimplyBe recently reached out to me and offered the chance to try some of their new items, I jumped at the chance. It had been a year or so since I had gotten an item from SimplyBe, but they were always in my dream-wardrobe building website visits, especially since they care so many different brands with signature styles. As I looked to pick out items, my eye kept going to dresses, dresses, and more dresses. So it was decided, I was going to dress up with SimplyBe :).


My first choice was this print wrap dress. I was drawn to the colors, the flowy bell sleeve, and the potential to wear with tights (a must as we approach winter). The dress did have stitching to make the v-neck have a higher gathering. It cause a little gapping on me, so I took out the stitching and added an under tank.


The dress is faux-wrapped at the waist. It was a little loose and didn’t have much elastic, so I went with a belt, which I think added to the look anyway. I added a pink floral earring to finish off the look.


The second dress I went for was a blue Joanna Hope wrap dress (I must have also been feeling wrap dresses that day). This one is also a faux-wrap, as it really is just a knot off to the side. This dress is perfect for a date night, going to a play, or wearing to work. It is super comfortable and no-fuss, but looks dressy.



As I write this post, I’m already eyeing some other dress styles, available sizes 8-28. Check out my new favorites here and here.

Let me know what you think of these styles and if there are any others I should check out!

Thank you to SimplyBe for these gifted items.

The Listening List: The Audiobooks and Podcasts of My 2016

December 30, 2016

When I finished graduate school in 2012, I realized that I hadn’t read anything for the joy of reading in about 4-5 years. Yikes, school reading had taken over my life. I wanted to start reading more, but I was reading so much every day as part of my job that I found myself falling asleep every time I cracked open a book. Enter Audible to the rescue. I signed up for a monthly subscription ($14 a month for 1 book token), and I started reading during my commutes to work. At first I kept it to the car, but now I listen to audiobooks while I cook, clean, and sit in bed playing the “Mexican Train” game on my phone before falling asleep. I started in 2013 with 11 titles in my Audible library. Now I have 95!  I’ve spent some serious time getting back into books, and I love it. I still won’t crack open a book, but I will definitely press play, and I’ve even added podcasts to my weekly listening.

Below is a list of all the books I read through Audible during 2016 (with the exception of some I started but never finished). I also included three podcasts that I listened to throughout the year. If you click on the image, a gallery will appear with some notes about each piece, so if you want to hear my thoughts on each, just click through the gallery below.

What books and/or podcasts have you enjoyed this year that I should add to my list?

Any thoughts about the ones I’ve included?

OOTD: All Cozied Up

December 21, 2016

This morning I laid in bed with the covers up to my chin, cuddled with Lola, and argued back and forth with myself about whether or not I’d venture out to Charlotte to visit my office. I had left some books there that I wanted to re-read while I planned for the next semester, and offices would close the next day until January. But it was cold. My phone let me know that it was only 29*F, and I tried to think of a million excuses to push it to tomorrow, but all I could come to were a million consequences from putting things off for one more day. The only reason I pried myself out of the bed was the thought that I could wear my new booties from Lane Bryant. Yes. Yes. That shallow of a reason. I wanted to wear booties. Welcome to my life.


This outfit started with the booties. I typically only wear black shoes. I don’t know why (oh, right, I’m boring). But these low ankle booties intrigued me from the moment I saw them. I liked the buckle, the low heel, and the color, and when I got them they were comfortable (and still a bit stiff). It was a win! But I didn’t know how to wear them. I’m so, so used to black boots. I asked my friends Rachel and Jen, and they immediately said with jeans rolled up. Well I don’t follow directions well, but I still wore them with extra-short jeggings, and I went with a cream colored sweater that I hadn’t worn out yet, also from Lane Bryant.


With the outfit itself having a calm color palette and intricate texture, I wanted warmer accessories and make up, so I reached for this bordeaux deep purple/red Aldo bag and Pixi lipstick in Rose Naturelle



I also added brown and gold floral earrings that gave just a little shine to the look.


By the way – update on the cold – it ended up warming to above 60*F by mid-afternoon. I was cozied up and worried I would regret it, but these short sleeves saved me. Thanks, North Carolina weather. I made it to my office and grabbed my books. I even stopped for a delicious coffee and creme brulee before heading back home. Getting out of bed ended up being totally worth it, so thanks LB booties for motivating me forward.



Sweater: Lane Bryant (similar), Jeggings: Torrid, Booties: Lane Bryant, Handbag: Aldo, Earrings: Forever21

OOTD(s): Mad Dash to End of Semester

December 20, 2016

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I posted last. After Thanksgiving, we had just a few weeks to end the semester. I was indeed wearing clothes during this time, and if you follow me on instagram, then you probably saw some of my lovely bathroom selfies of outfits. It’s come to that sad point in the year when the bathroom at my workplace has better lighting than I can get at home, but when it’s dark before I even arrive home after work, taking outfit pictures is just impossible. But have no fear! I managed to put a few outfits together as I and my students made a mad dash to the end of the semester.

During those whirlwind weeks of meeting with students, grading, giving feedback, etc., I found that wearing pants/jeans seemed like a punishment in and of itself. Luckily, leggings + tunic/dress is a back up uniform I can call to at any moment, and I wore various versions of this over and over again.

First up was this overcast-gray zippered tunic from Evansblack jeggings from Torrid, and old booties from Evans. I’ve always loved the length of Evans’ tunics, and I used to shop with Evans a lot (and even collaborated with them back in the day), but they seem to offer less tunics or at least less tunic styles that I like then they did back in the day. That said, this was a goodie, and I love the small zipper details. This is a warm tunic. Do not let the shorter sleeves fool you. The material keeps in the heat, which is good on a cold day but bad in a heated office. You’ve been warned — choose where you wear this carefully! I didn’t do much to it since I hurried out the door, but there are lots of different options with scarves, jewelry, and jackets in kicking it up a notch.


In the search for all my different options to wear with leggings, I unearthed this dress from, I believe, SimplyBe, that I probably bought back in 2012 or 2013. This is one of those dresses that I planned to wear many times and then never actually did. For some reason whatever was holding me back before didn’t stop me now. This dress has fluffy sleeves, feather print, and a matching belt. Again, the outfit is a bit no-fuss since I was heading into work, but a leather jacket or playing around with belts could also make this more interesting if I wear it again in the future.


One of the last events I attended as part of the semester was my program’s end of term potluck. I decided to take a little more time to get ready and to look festive, so I pulled this tunic/dress from Evans that is a green/blue (more green that it appears here), my new studded boots from Lane Bryant, and I *gasp* put on jewelry for work. I topped the look with a silver chain bracelet and silver earrings from, I think, Forever21 (similar earrings here).

I really like this dress, its texture and color, but holy-static-cling. I didn’t realize it was going to be such an issue and was unprepared to deal with it making its way north while walking across campus. Later I used a dryer sheet to neutralize it before heading out with friends, but I think I’ll have to invest in anti-static-cling spray before wearing it out again.



Grades were due yesterday, and I received my course evaluations this morning. I’m now officially allowing myself to not think about work for the next week. So far my break plans include decluttering and organizing my apartment (a continuation of a project started months ago), going to the movies, seeing family and friends as much as possible, and enjoying sleeping in with Lola. Tomorrow I’m heading in to Charlotte to explore some places that I don’t usually get to during my work week, so follow along on Instagram or Snapchat if you’d like to connect more day-to-day.


Thanksgiving Day | November 24, 2016

November 25, 2016

Hi everyone! I hope those of you that celebrate had a great Thanksgiving Day. I put together a short video about my day that I hope you will check out (especially the end!!) I also included some images of what I wore, also posted below:




Dress/Tunic:, Leggings: Catherines, Boots: Evans, Earrings: White Owl (similar)