Oh Evan’s, I wish you had stores in the U.S.! I have just recently put in my FIRST order ever at Evan’s. I remember seeing the store about a year ago, and I wasn’t that impressed (probably because they do not show their clothes ON models independently). Since then, I have seen their products show up a number of times on UK bloggers, and it always looks so cute! I finally broke down and decided to order a couple of items since they were having a great sale, and I had a code for an additional %20 off. I really hope everything fits correctly. I know the US/UK sizes different pretty significantly (especially in shoes!). Also, the prices somewhat shocked me. This is mostly because the USD is so low compared to a UK pound. Luckily enough I was able to afford (almost) everything I wanted. Here is what’s on its way (expect outfit posts soon :-]):

This b-e-a-utiful gray suede jacket has been on my eye for about a month now. I love the it drapes in the front, but not too drastically to where it looks ridiculous. I also love the cold gray color. I’m already planning some cute night-on-the-town outfits with this jacket in mind.

This tan aviator jacket has been featured on a couple different plus-size blogs, and I decided that I need to try this one out for myself. I already have a black faux leather biker jacket, so I figured the next trendiest piece that my closet needed was an aviator. I really love the lining, so I hope it looks just as great in person.

I am usually not one for strips, but I am LOVING this sweater. I really like the arms and how it is broken up with a longer black section. Also, I like that it is meant to somewhat drape in the front. This will look great with a pair of black jeggings (which I also ordered :-]).

My feet got a little jealous from all of the clothes I bought, so I decided that they needed to be pretty, too. I only wear flats (well, I try wearing high heels, but it never works). So I bought some shoes that will keep my feet stylish and comfy.

Mmmm, red velvet! I somewhat hope these beauties end up being a little darker than they appear, but I will be fine if they are not. I was a little confused on the UK shoe sizing, so I really really hope these work out. I love a great red shoe to pop some color.

These flats are SUPER adorable. I’ve never had flats with a band across the top, but I’m excited to try these out. I love the lace details, and these flats will provide a great night-time look.

Have you gotten any goodies from Evan’s lately? Also, how are you like Rosie’s coat challenge? I love that Evan’s is interacting with their customers!