With the upcoming Halloween holiday, I’m sure many of you are scrounging around to find the perfect look. I myself tried on the sailor, referee, and pirate costume at Torrid. All were WAY too short on me, and I’m only 5’4″! This had me thinking about last year’s costume. Since there are so few choices for a plus-sized costume in actual costume stores, many of us have to create our own looks, or just wear something that is not as creative. That’s what I ended up doing last year. I bought cat ears the day before Halloween at Claire’s (which was great because everything was a % off!). My outfit definitely was not creative, but it gave me a great chance to wear a black dress I loved, and I felt comfortable for the night. Here are two pictures of last year’s costume.Here you can see the cat ears that I had picked out. Also, the dress has a braided neckline. The picture might not show it well, but it had cute details.

This is a full length shot. For as long as the dress was, I still was not comfortable NOT wearing tights to the party. I’m hoping that I conquer this fear within the next couple of months.

This year I do not have many Halloween festivities to attend. Last year was my senior year at my undergraduate university, so I had a couple of fun party options. This year I’m in my first semester of a graduate program at a different university, so I don’t know as many people, and the people I do know are married, have kids, are doing their own thing. But, I do believe my Mom and I will be going to the movies on Saturday, and I will be stopping by my aunt’s birthday party on Halloween.

What was/is your Halloween costume? Do you have fun plans for the weekend?