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Sundays remind me of my childhood, when my family would all go to church and then meet for lunch, all of us talking over one…


Sundays remind me of my childhood, when my family would all go to church and then meet for lunch, all of us talking over one another at the table. We no longer carry this tradition, but Sunday still always reminds me of those talks, the noisy headache-inducing talks, that made you feel like a member of a loving family who all were interested in what another had to say.

I’ve only been blogging for a couple weeks, but I’ve been reading others’ blogs for a lot longer. I’ve admired those writers who somehow find the balance of writing on content while also letting their readers know them as a person. This has led me to think about how I will let you all [the three of you out there ;)] know about me. And, how can I get to know you? Because believe me, I want to! This brought me back to those Sunday table topics, the questions my family would pose, and we’d go around and answer. My family still does this sometimes, and we use a game called Table Topics. Each week, on Sunday, I will pose a table topic, share my answer, and hope that you will leave a comment with your own answer. Let me know if you enjoy this kind of post or not.

Table Topic (These will be pulled from the game mentioned above):

What would you most like to do for someone else if you had the money and the time?

This one is somewhat easy for me. First, I have to figure out whom that somebody is, and that’s easy: my mother. She’s done so many things for me, so of course I would want to give back just a little bit of what she has put in for me. As I’ve mentioned before, my mother writes. She started writing after my grandmother had a stroke, and subsequently my mother became one of her main caretakers. It was escapism. It was her way of dealing with the tragedy. I love my mother’s writing, and not in a “I-have-to-love-it-because-she-is-my-mom” kind of way. I really like it. If I had all of the money and time, I would have all of her works published, shoved in the hands of influential people, and hope that everything works out. Sometimes my mother thinks that since she is 59, she has passed the age of potential possibilities, but she still pushes forward. She still tells herself that she has nothing to lose. I just think she has everything to gain, and I do still have hope that one day she will see her dreams realized.

I’ve finished my turn at the table. What are your thoughts?


  1. That is such a hard question. I think I’d do something for my parents. My Mum mostly. I love her so much & I think if I had the money I would gift her with a week away. A week some place with Dad, that she could rest, relax. No contact from her kids, not having to do housework or cook. Just take a break.

    If I could, while she was away, i’d do a home make-over. It’s something she wants done, as the house they live in is too big & they would like to downsize. The only thing is, there are lots of odds and ends to fix. So yes, holiday, & fixing the house up whilst they are away.

    She’s been sick, and even after having a heart attck & many other conditions, it just seems my family pile things on her. At the moment, my 17 year old niece lives with my parents, and my 38 year old brother just split with his lady, so he too, along with his 3 & 2 year old children are living with them. It’s hard being away from them at times like this.

    1. I can imagine that the distance makes it even harder to cope. It’s always been interesting to me that the job of a parent never ends. I know that for me I will always desire my parents’ shoulders to cry on or even to share the happy moments with. We always seem to need them to some extent. I’m sure your mother would love that, though. If only we could do all the things we want free from the burden of money, but I do believe that we all try to do the best that we can. That’s what matters, anyways :). Thanks for sharing!

  2. I would do something for my sister, because she is all the family I have left and she is wonderful. I think I would buy her a house at the sea. she loves the sea (me too!) and is currently working and living on Spiekeroog (a small islands at the coast of germany in the north sea). I would buy her a house, because since our mother died, we had to sell our house. and although I know all the positive aspects of just renting an apartment, it is nice to have a house, which belongs to oneself and is kind of a safe place, which can not be taken away from you. if I had not that much money, I would buy her a huge bathtub because taking a bath is fun 🙂 I think this would make her happy.

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