For the past two weeks, I’ve been participating in a Five Lessons Learned and Five Favorite Things blog post that originated (for me at least) from Amelia Pontes’ blog. I’ve decided to alter it a bit and just focus on one lesson learned and one favorite thing per week, because I’m just not as fast of a learner as others :-p!

Lesson Learned

1. There is always time to change your view on someone, if you’re willing to do it.

I’ve been guilty of writing someone off as a certain “type” of person more than once: ditzy, druggie, asshole. I’m not proud that I do this, but I tend to hold people away from me until I decide they are the right “type” for me to get close to. I’m trying my hardest to break down these barriers I build,  because now that I’m in a new place I’m realizing that I shut a lot of people out because of these supposed “types”. Recently, I’ve gotten closer to a classmate that I wrote off as being “stuck-up” and “ditzy” (while I was acting stuck-up myself). She is so many different things that I hadn’t seen at first, and would never had seen if I hadn’t of decided to let my view of her change. I’m thankful that I did decide to break through my views, and thankful that I’m realizing that I do this when it’s not needed.


1. Watching scary movies and shows with my sister.

There’s nothing better than getting the piss scared out of you with your sister by your side. We both screamed out loud during Paranormal Activity 2. And now I’m a little paranoid to be sitting alone in my kitchen. Eek!