Today I had a lunch date with a man that I had met on an online dating website. Well, if any of you have tried dating this way, you will understand me when I say I was hesitant to meet with him. Online dating is somewhat scary. People can portray themselves in whatever way they want to, and that may not reflect the actual person behind it. I wanted to wear something simple since we were only meeting for lunch.

Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft, Tank: Old Navy, Jeans: Torrid, Flats: Gap

While this picture isn’t the best, it still shows my cardigan from Ann Taylor LOFT. I loooooove this cardigan. The simple gold sequins bring in a little dash of glamor, without it being over the top. Ann Taylor LOFT has always surprised me. They sell up to XL in-store and XXL on-line.  I am always able to find a piece that works for me in-store. This cardigan is an example. It’s a size XL, and I wear a size 22/24/26 US top.

Sequin Detail

Back to my date: He was very nice and our conversation flowed, but there was absolutely no romantic spark between the two of us. I realize it’s only been one date, but when you know, you know. Him and I could probably be good friends, but I highly doubt it will cross over into something else. Oh well, back into the single world I go. (There’s more to this story, but I need a night or two to decide if it’s worth sharing.)

Quote from an e-mail my sister sent me:

On  the first date, they just tell each other lies and that  usually gets them interested enough to go for a second  date.  
—  Martin, age  10