This past week has been crazy for me. Little Lola started acting sick a couple of days after we got her. We took her into the veterinary hospital and found out she was positive for parvo. If you read anything about puppies with parvo, it’s all REALLY scary. I think we have caught it early, so hopefully the treatment continues to work, but it will be another 5 days before we know that it has worked itself out. She had to be in the hospital for 3 nights, and just spent her first night back home. She’s showing a lot more energy and is finally wanting to eat again. I just want to thank all of you who have been giving me support on twitter. You don’t even know me in person, yet you are all so caring. Thank you!

Because all of this, I haven’t felt much like dressing up or even looking at fashion, but I decided I would go ahead and post my Christmas wishlist of all the fun products I wish were in my closet. Santa, I promise I’ve been good this year! 🙂

(From left to right- as best as I can)

1. City Chic Zip Me Skinny Night Jean $58

2. OPI Burlesque Holiday 2010 Show It and Glow It $4.05

3. Macy’s Calvin Klein Plus Size Dress, Sleeveless Printed Pintucked $39.99

4. Evan’s Red Lace Up Ankle Boots $31.39

5. Torrid Roshay Faux Suede Black Heel (Wide Width) $39

6. Storm in a Tea Cup’s Keepsake Necklace $25.07

7. Torrid Aunika Black Combat Boots (Wide Width) $48

8. Macy’s Calvin Klein Jeans Plus Size Sweater, Short Sleeve Textured Cowlneck $62.99

9. Macy’s Calvin Klein Jeans Plus Size Top, Short Sleeve Wet Metal Tee $43.99

10. Torrid Gold Turquoise Oval Ring $10

11. Evan’s Black Foldable Ballerinas $39.16

12. Ann Taylor Loft Striped Cardigan with Sequins $69.50 (before SWEATER40 sales code for 40% off).

Of course, the great thing about wish lists is that you can ask for things that you may not be willing to pay for yourself, but with all of the great e-sales out there, you can get almost all of these items at some percentage off with a little hunting.

I already got the best present of all though, my Lola. Continue your positive thoughts- they’re working!

What are you asking for this Christmas? (or any other holiday this season?)