I actually DO still wear clothes…

I haven’t posted any outfit / clothing posts in awhile, but I promise you that I do still wear clothes! ;-p. With the whirlwind of…


I haven’t posted any outfit / clothing posts in awhile, but I promise you that I do still wear clothes! ;-p. With the whirlwind of Lola being in and out of the animal hospital and the semester coming to a close with finals, my life has been a bit chaotic, and my wardrobe was definitely reflecting that.

After my last final Thursday night, I decided to do a little retail therapy at the local Lane Bryant. I have been shopping at Lane Bryant since I was at least 14, and it has always been a hit or miss experience. I do have to say that lately Lane Bryant has been putting out some great pieces, and a better variety of styles and colors so many different people can find something they like.

Here are a couple things I picked up:

This cardigan is super comfortable and looks cute unbuttoned or buttoned. I got lots of compliments the first time I wore it, so I know it’s a winner. It has a fun water painted effect to the strips, and the black, gray, and gray blue colors really look great together. Excuse the cheesy bathroom picture, I had no one to take my picture.

Another picture was a cowl necked short-sleeve top that has a really cute roll-cuff detail on the sleeve. It’s cold in the office I work in during the holidays, so I wore my black bomber jacket to give it a little edge. I actually found myself feeling very sexy (yes, sexy) in this sweater. The picture below is after I got home from work, so I look a little tired, but I loved how much I could play with the cowl neck, and the material of the sweater is really comfortable. Again, excuse the bad picture, my mother is pretty much blind without her glasses so she was guessing with this shot.

I also wore jeggings from Old Navy and slight wedge suede heels from Target.

I’ve also been experimenting a lot with gel eyeliner after watching a make-up video linked on Buttons, Bows, and Brogues. I haven’t tried the winged tip yet, but I’m loving spicing up my normal make-up with some cool eye-liner. Once I get some decent pictures, I’ll post what I’ve been doing. P.S. The Sonia Kashuk bent eyeliner brush is AMAZINGGGGGG!

Ok, well enough rambling about my outfits from Lane Bryant. I’m excited about some posts coming up, I’ve been getting luck with the eShakti overstock section, and I think I’m going to finally bite the dust and order something specifically made for my body from there.

P.S. If you sign up on their site for e-mails, they will send you a $15 dollar voucher. Yes, 15 DOLLARS!

Do you guys have any fun parties planned for the holidays? My best friend just graduated from college, so I’m sure I’ll be heading out for a night on the town with her soon. Hopefully a night out in the queen city :).

Lola says hello 🙂 She’s feeling much better!

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