Ringing in the New Year

Every year I have great plans to bring in the New Year with a great celebration, and every year without fail I end up having…


Every year I have great plans to bring in the New Year with a great celebration, and every year without fail I end up having a somewhat calm New Year. This year was no exception. I did travel up to Boone, North Carolina to visit a friend. Boone is a quirky college town tucked in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


We both dressed up and headed out for a night on the town, but only managed to stop by one friend’s party before calling it a night around 12:30 and heading home to watch a movie.

I started my year off right by already working on one of my resolutions: Courage. Courage to wear a dress sans panty hose. (And yes, this took a lot of courage for me!) I got this dress from Torrid months and months ago, and I’ve been waiting to wear it out. I knew I had to take advantage of New Years to dress up. I wore my trusty Torrid Bomber jacket, knot ring, and suede wedge heels.

This dress it perfectly ruched and draped. It also has POCKETS. POCKETS!! The metal band brings down the weight of my dress right below my chest, and the skirt of the dress is very flattering.  Next thing on my list with courage: Getting used to showing off my arms again.

My friend Ashley was kind enough to let me post her outfit on my blog, too. I’ve known Ashley since I was 12 or 13, and has been with me through losing and gaining weight. Luckily for me, she has never made me feel like my weight was an issue in our friendship (and I have had friends who did that!).

I’m not sure what brands she is wearing, but I loved her olive green jacket and suede booties.

One friend said that the way we spend our New Year’s Eve is telling of how our year will be. If that is so, I’m happy and grateful. It means I will be surrounded by friends, with a happy home to return to, and having a calm and happy year.

I also happened to see a man’s bare butt in a thong and many of my male friends trying out high heels. Let’s just say that there are some things you can’t unsee, and I envy my friends’ abilities to strut in those high heels. I also don’t know what this means for 2011, haha.

I woke up this morning ready to face the New Year, and I hope that you are all excited for 2011.

Happy New Year!


  1. You look great! I love the bomber with the dress, such a good combo.

    Also, yay for wearing no tights! Definitely one of the things I need to do this summer.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! I swear, that dang bomber has more than made up for its cost. I wear it ALL of the time. I probably need to give it a break, haha :). Yea, I agree with you on the summer time thing. I need to let my legs free, :-p.

  2. You look hot! I’m serious you do! I only wish you had even more jewellery on like a pair of shiny earrings (if you had them on, i didn’t see it) or glittery bangles because you deserve to sparkle even more. I’m thinking this bomber jacket is a really good buy because you look wonderful in it in all ways and now even with a dress! And you should totally wear this dress for a date. It is very flattering on you!

    1. Haha, thanks, D. I felt hot. Which is something I need to feel more often in my clothing. I SOOOOO agree on the jewelry. I brought a few things up to Boone with me, but my jewelry collection is just seriously lacking. I need to add to it in 2011, for sure!

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