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It has been a snowy past couple of days here inΒ  North Carolina, and after finally having a little of the snow melt away, I…


It has been a snowy past couple of days here inΒ  North Carolina, and after finally having a little of the snow melt away, I was able to escape the house and run some errands. This day couldn’t have come soon enough; I was getting a little stir crazy!

I decided on this thick knit top from Ann Taylor LOFT. I know those of you who read plus size fashion blogs get beat over the head with the message to try on clothes based on feel versus size. This top is another example. It’s an XL from a straight-sized store. Granted I think this top would look better a size bigger, it is still comfortable and stylish on my 22/24 top body. I also wore my favorite new pair of denim jeans. These jeans are from Evan’s (no longer on the site) and my first pair from Evan’s that aren’t jeggings. Interesting fact: The zipper flap is on the opposite side than US women’s jeans. Is this a UK thing or just this pair of jeans thing? Weird. I also put on a pair of flats from Target that I’ve owned for over a year, but have only worn once. Crazy! I really love the colors in the flats, and they will definitely be used more often.

I pulled out a goody from my jacket collection to keep me warm. It was the Evan’s tan aviator jacket (no longer on site). This jacket is so cozy and warm. The material is not harsh, so you can flex around and do whatever you want in it, and the lining keeps you very warm.

For accessories, I wore my Target knot ring and bangles from Forever 21. I have a deep love for gold jewelry, and I definitely need to expand my color choices in jewelry.

My nail polish is the color Girl Talk in the Nicole by OPI line. It is a very deep red, almost a chocolate-y red, and was very easy to apply on my own.

Of course, Lola joined me out on the deck and looked cute as always.

Below are a couple of pictures from the past few days.

3rd day after the snowfall. Everything was starting to melt.

The beautiful lake that I am lucky enough to see everyday.

A couple of days ago I got the best fortune cookie ever. (And usually, they are pretty awful!)

Lola looking like she is saying, “Mom, no! You’re embarrassing me!” (I’m officially a creepy dog lady.)

P.S. My hair is getting into that really awkward growing stage, so you will have to excuse its odd length/cut. I’m trying to be good and grow it out for the summer.



  1. Your dog is SO CUTEEEEEEEEE!!! haha

    Love the outfit! Loft is a shopping favorite of mine–their website goes up to a XXL and a size 18 so if you find something you like in store that’s just a bit too small you can always order online πŸ™‚ Love the aviator jacket! I kept eyeing it on the site when it came out but kept debating about its non-leather-ness. Wish I had seen this post though–it looks fab on you! πŸ™‚

    xo Allison of CurvyGirlChic

    1. Hahah, thanks! I do think she is quite adorable, but I’m a bit biased :-p. Loft is one of my favorites as well. I also really love their jewelry. It’s always so sparkly, but sophisticated. When I first got the jacket, I wasn’t too sure about the faux leather looking color, but it’s ended up being a great jacket. Thanks for the comment, Allison :).

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ I always loved living there, but never truly appreciated it until I lived in the mountains for a couple of years. I missed being around a body of water!

  2. I love how cozy you look in that knit sweater and I swear you should wear that aviator jacket day in day out! It’s super super lovely and so stylish! I’m jealous. Not that i have any use for any type of jacket but i can’t gush enough of how fab you look in it! <3

  3. You look so comfy and chic! =) I saw that jacket on the website and wasn’t dying for it… reallllly wish I had seen this post first. Love it!

    1. It’s definitely nice in the summer, although I have to admit I haven’t made a great use of it in the past couple of summers because of work. Loved it when I was a child though!

  4. I really like that aviator jacket – however I have LOTS of jackets so I resisted buying it!! I also like chunky knits but can’t really get away with them – I always look mumsie. So I tend to wear chunky cardigans instead.

    Lola is looking well – hope shes all better now?

    Also – do you swim in the lake in the summer?

    1. Yeah, I understand. I have quite the big collection of jackets now, too. I’ll be sad next year when I have no excuse to get a new one! Lola is doing MUCH better. She also had coccidia (an intestinal parasite–she had the works!), so we’ve been battling that, but she’s been doing well with the medication. I find out tomorrow if she still has it. Thanks for asking about her :). I used to swim a lot in the lake during the summer. I haven’t made as great of a use of it in the past two years since I worked full time during the summers, but I need to get back out there during the weekends. A couple years ago a turtle family started living near our dock, and I started fearing that they would nip at me. LOL I need to get over that and go for a swim though.

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