Hello everyone 🙂

A couple entries below, you will find a giveaway I was doing for Lessons from the Fat-O-Sphere. This was the first giveaway I have ever done, so there were many things to learn about how to do one. For one, I had rules about how to enter, but a lot of entrants either didn’t answer the question, or didn’t make a separate comment for the tweet. I decided to count all of the entrants that actually commented or tweeted regardless of whether they did it separately. Since this is my first one, I didn’t make myself very clear in the rules, and I wanted all of you to know how I was counting entrants

The most interesting thing about the giveaway is what the entrants wrote in their comments. Here are some of my favorite quotes regarding something that they learned to love about themselves.

I learned to embrace myself and work with what I got

I am learning that I can dress sexy or fashionable or saucy or whatever because I should feel good about myself and that helps.

I can’t honestly say I’ve learned to totally love my apple shape, but I think I’ve started to embrace dressing my body and enjoying inventing myself again.

Something I’ve learned that has brought me intense happiness is to ignore sizes. I buy what fits and that is what looks good on me! I don’t quantify my body and I don’t give in to comparing myself.

I have learned that my happiness is not really directly correlated to my weight as I had always thought.

One thing I have learnt to love about is definitely my body, I’m starting to appreciate my body.

I decided to use the random.org method described here in this blog.

Here were the entrants:

I inserted the information into the integer form.

And then random.org gave me my two winners.

Congratulations Elizabeth and Nicole! You both won a copy of Lessons from the Fat-O-Sphere. I will be contacting you soon regarding the giveaway!