Q-Tip and Floral

Well, what a day it has been. My darling little puppy woke me up around five this morning crying, because she could probably hear someone…


Well, what a day it has been. My darling little puppy woke me up around five this morning crying, because she could probably hear someone up and moving. Since my pup has me wrapped around her little… paw, I woke up and took her outside like a good mommy. How does my puppy repay me for waking up for her?

By swallowing a Q-tip, of course.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that when I first got Lola she had parvo-virus and had to spend three nights in a vet hospital. She also later got coccidia, so I’ve been dealing with her being sick since I got her. So this Q-tip thing really just drove me over the edge. So far, she’s doing fine. Hopefully it will just pass through, and I won’t have to be indebted to my parents for the rest of my life because of her needing surgery.

Of course post Q-tip, she was happy as can be.

Beyond the Q-tip incident, a few of my family members are going through some medical difficulties, so any positive thoughts sent their way are appreciated :).

To combat this crap-tastic day, I needed a little bit of color in my life.

I pulled out a few items that I haven’t worn in a loooong time to make up today’s outfit.

This is my sad attempt at using a self timer. Do you spot Lola gazing belly-up at me adoringly?

I pulled out an old Gap cardigan that I bought last year. I really love the floral print in the yellow, purple, and gray. I want to say these are poppies, but I’m really not sure.

I wore a tank top from Old Navy underneath which has strips of chiffon and charmeuse, much like their current straight-sized women’s tank found here.

I was really excited when I bought this tank top over the summer, but I hadn’t found any really good uses for it, so I was glad to pair it with the cardigan. It was more interesting than a basic tank, and the fabric played on the feminine floral print.

I also wore my favorite denim jeans from Torrid. I love these jeans because they fit almost perfectly, and they always stay a nice dark color. I put on some brown flats from Old Navy and was off to school.

Lola demanded that I scratch her belly. Funny little fact: She gets really excited when she meets new people or you come home after being away and immediately plops over on her back for a belly rub. It’s a little awkward when introducing her to new people :).

I really love simple, but fun, looks for school. In graduate studies you don’t want to appear juvenile in the way you dress, but you do want to express your own style. So this style works perfectly for me.

I’m also going to use this as the starting point for Frantic Dream’s Spot the Difference challenge, since I can’t find the pictures I took earlier this week.


  1. Great outfit! I have that tank in purple and have been trying to figure out what to wear it with. It never occurred to me to pair it with a print! Great idea : )

    1. Thanks :). A lot of people have this tank, and a lot of them have said they had a hard time figuring out how to wear it. I accidentally washed and dried it like a normal shirt, so the chiffon is coming apart :(.

  2. I love the cardigan. What a great challenge you guys are entering. I’ll be sure to keep up to date. I love the remixing aspect, it can be so inspiring. Hope everyone is better soon. Good luck with the challenge and have fun 😀

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