For my second outfit in the Spot the Difference Challenge, I had some issues with trying to decide which piece to use. I go to class Monday-Wednesday, and in those classes I have the many of the same classmates. Since Spot the Difference is all about reworking items, I had to decide how I was going to handle it. For instance, I didn’t want to show up to class wearing the same cardigan the day after I wore it, because I really prefer for those around me to know that I wash, haha. This made me decide to rework my jeans from the previous day, and just take it from a very floral and girly look to a darker look. From here on out, I will not be wearing my Spot the Difference clothes in consecutive days, but close to it when I can.

Some days I want to wear very soft or colorful clothes, other days I want to put on my leather jacket and pretend I’m a bad-ass. Pretend being the key word there…

I got this lace shoulder top from Old Navy in store in a size 2x.

While the front only has a peek of the lace, the back brings in a larger piece. It shows skin, but not too much when you’re going to a place like school.

While this is kind of an awful picture of my hair, it shows my earrings that I picked up at Banana Republic Factory Store. I love Banana’s outlet, because they always have great Banana-style jewelry for a fraction of the cost that their jewelry usually is.

The Lane Bryant near me is closing (weep), but I went by and got this great leather jacket for 50% off. It’s a little long in the arms, but for that price I couldn’t resist. I also used by Mulberry for Target bag, which has luxe look with velvet on the front.

Here is a more detailed picture of the jacket with the zipper details and the shoulder detail. I have some really good ideas about how I want to rework items from this outfit to the next, so I’m excited for outfit #3. I also love lace with leather. It should just go together all of the time :).

What do you like to wear with your leather jacket?