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Sweater dress. The mere mention of the word used to make me cringe. Sweater dresses meant either loose, frumpy fabric that hung from my body…


Sweater dress. The mere mention of the word used to make me cringe. Sweater dresses meant either loose, frumpy fabric that hung from my body in odd angles, or it mean a dress hugging my belly and making me feel very insecure about myself.

I felt all these things about this one little item, and yet, I had only tried on one sweater dress in my entire life.

Last week I found myself perusing the racks at my local Macy’s, trying to feel better about my lack of social life and my lack of enthusiasm about school. (Not a good thing to do by the way. I’ll be starting a shopping ban soon!) I found a gray sweater dress and it seemed to instantly match my mood. I took it to the dressing room and was so surprised by how much I loved it. Ah, retail therapy, how you always soothe my worries. For me, Macy’s is always kind of crazy with their prices. A dress you will find in store may be $80, but online it’s $35. That’s what happened with this dress. I couldn’t justify an $80 sweater dress with the approaching spring season, so I went home and looked it up online. Lo and behold, the dress was selling for less than half of what the actual store had listed (it’s no longer on the website). I put that baby in my virtual cart, and was soon in sweater dress heaven.

The sleeves have a little puff at the top and are a bit long on me, but that’s because I have narrow shoulders and short arms, beyond that, the fit was amazing. I gave the dress more shape by adding in a belt I got from torrid.

This belt is very comfortable because the back is a stretchy material, and the woven part is only in the front. I was heading out quick to run errands, so I put on my trusty Merona suede wedge heels and my new Aldo Cyphert purse and was out the door. I absolutely LOVE Aldo’s purses, and would say that nearly 90% of my purses are from Aldo. I find that the quality is quite good and reasonably priced for a great product. I’ve kept all of my purses from there for years, and this one is the newest addition to my Aldo obsession.

Overall, I think this dress has cured me of my fear of sweater dresses, and I will definitely be checking more of them out during the next Fall/Winter season.

Outfit Details: All links will take you directly to the product.

Dress: Spense Woman at Macy’s (No longer on site)

Belt: Torrid

Purse: Aldo

Shoes: Target Merona


  1. Ohh! I really love that! I often think frumpy oversized cable knit when I think ‘Sweater dress’, but this is awesome! I love how the top has a pattern but the rest is plain. Looks oh so chic!

    1. Thanks 🙂 I think the top part drew me into it first, but I like that the entire dress isn’t that patterned, too. Hope you’re doing well! Your blog has me lusting after the summer months!

  2. Fantastic dress! And I kind of want to steal your purse…

    I usually run really warm so the bulk of a sweater dress, plus the polyester content usually makes me want to die. You’ve reminded me of a sweater dress I *completely* forgot to pull out for winter and it is too warm now. Maybe next year!

    Wish I could indulge in some retail therapy right now… not too much longer until I can, woo!

    1. Hahah, no stealing allowed–it’s my new baby! I agree, sometimes I can get too hot in sweater dresses. That’s why I like that this is 3/4 sleeve. I need to STOP indulging in retail therapy. Obviously it’s not working if I keep doing it over and over again :-P!

  3. This is indeed a lovely sweater dress for you. I like the details on the chest area too and keeping the rest plain. I also like the dark grey, makes it very wearable. Loving how you look in this!

  4. Oh, that is so cute. I must admit, I tend to have the same feelings of dread about sweater dresses, but now that I have seen how lovely that looks on you, I will definitely check these out from now on.

  5. I found a sweater dress this year on the Evans website, and fell in love. Watched it go on sale, but I was a no buy for awhile. I finally had some money, and my size was sold out…BOOOOO! Now I want a sweater dress even more after your adorable pictures. Next year…..I hope.

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