Hello all, I forgot to post a pic yesterday, mostly because these prompts are requiring me to post pictures of some of my loved ones, and I’m not quite sure that they want their pictures saved. Makes it a bit hard, huh? Because of this, I’m only posting pictures of those that I ask permission, which means, at times, I’ll have to post cartoons or something to represent the person I’m discussing if they don’t want their picture on here. This is further complicated by the fact that only one of my friends reads this, and only one other one knows about it, besides family. I think I’d be fine with my close friends reading this, but I’m not sure I want every person from college/high school reading my blog. Anyways…

Day 09 – A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most

This is easy. She’s been there to band-aid up my scraps from falling off my bike, took me to hard to face events, let me cry on the phone to her my freshman year of university, and still lets me bitch and moan when I feel less than adequate.

My mom.

Isn’t she beautiful?

Day 10 – A picture of someone you do the craziest things with

This prompt is a bit harder. My “crazy” days are mostly in the past. The craziest I get now is staying out past midnight–ridiculous!! I kind of act like an old lady now. I guess if I were to have to narrow it down, it would be my friend A from an earlier 100 Day Photo Challenge. She always gets me into crazy situations. Like the time I went to visit her, and her and her mother made me go to karaoke. Little did I know that her mother’s friend was bringing her new boyfriend. A man who thought he was the next Elvis Presley. We end up spending the entire night with a drunk older man who had grand delusions of his singing ability. I thought his name was John. A thought his name was Pat. Therefore he became John-Pat-Elvis.

P.S. Just saw an interview with Ashley Fink on ET. LOVVVVVVVVE her!