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The past couple OOTD posts have mine have all been black or gray, so I thought it was time to lighten up my look with…


The past couple OOTD posts have mine have all been black or gray, so I thought it was time to lighten up my look with a sweet white eyelet top and a pair of medium wash jeans. I’ve gotten into the practice of wearing jeggings with everything, so with the spring season coming around the corner and the 70’s influence being seen on the runway and fashion blogs everywhere, I knew it was time to step out of my comfort zone and go for a nice flare jean.

The eyelet top is exactly like one that I originally tried on at Old Navy from the straight-size section. It didn’t fit correctly around my midsection, so I hunted online and saw that they offered the exact design in the plus-size section. I scooped up the top right along with the jeans and know that these would be staples in my spring wardrobe.

I really loved the eyelet-ish design on the shirt and the detail at the bust.

I bought the regular length jeans, which are a bit too long on me, so I wore them with heels. I tend to always buy regular length, because the short length ends up being too short. I can’t catch a break on leg lengths :).

I wore my Avenue high-heeled oxfords, that the blogger Thomessa showcases in some fantastic outfits. P.S. They are only $16.99 right now! Ah-mazing!

As for accessories, I put on my Banana Republic Factory Store dangling earrings and my ALDO purse in light pink.

(This picture really ruins the beautiful color of the purse — sorry! I apologize for the not-so-great photos. I was hurrying out the door to celebrate my parents’ 36th (!!!) wedding anniversary.)

A lot of times I like to add a leather jacket or sport black/gray, so it was nice to depart from that into what I would call a “pretty” outfit. The eyelet shirt, light pink purse, and dangling earrings are very feminine and pretty to me.

What do you wear or find to be “pretty”?

Outfit Details: All links will take you directly to product.

Eyelet Top: Old Navy

Flare Jeans: Old Navy

Oxford Heels: Avenue

Earrings: Banana Republic Factory Store (No website)

Purse: ALDO (Not on site)


  1. Cute!

    I’m not brave enough to wear a white top, haha. Stain magnet! Those shoes are absolutely adorable. I wanted a pair but my size was gone last I checked. There was a pair from Payless that I missed too! Oh well. Are they comfortable?

    1. Yeah, I was pretty proud of myself because I got through a meal of eating Moo Shu Pork with only one small dot of a stain on it. I’m pretty bad about spilling, too :). They are easier to walk in because the heel is pretty substantial. I think they could use a good gel insert in the front and back and be a lot more comfortable, but my feet weren’t completely dead after a couple of hours so that’s progress from my usual hurt feet/high heels.

  2. You are right for sticking to the flared jeans this spring, it’s so 70’s vibe. I may have finally find a plus size pair myself. I’m doubting about the size. Did you up/downsize on your pair (if I may ask of course)?

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