I didn’t have school or work today, so my sister and I made plans for me to cash in my birthday gift from her for a pedicure. If you follow me on Twitter, and decided to put up with my antics, I tweeted about the “relaxing” experience. I should have known things were going down hill when I walked into the room to get my eyebrows waxed, and they wanted me to sit in a lounge chair meant for the outdoors. :-/!!!!

I was pretty much set on wearing my denim jacket I got from Lane Bryant in the fall and some type of floral print, so I decided to break out my new dress from American Rag at Macy’s. (Excuse the bad pictures.. me and my tripod don’t get along)

The dress originally was bubble hemmed, but it made the dress WAY too short on me, so I cut the inner lining right where the fabric met so I could un-bubble it. TIP: Only cut the material that is the lining. I learned this the hard way on the back of this dress. I’m still going to have to figure out how to fix my mishap. I also put on sandals from Nine West and a ring from Forever21.

O really love the floral print on the dress.. it’s not TOO cutesy.

My ring is pretty huge, but then again my fingers are ridiculously short. I’ll have to remember to take and post a clearer pic of this ring later.

Luckily, sense came back to me (of course AFTER I’d already taken pictures and AFTER I was running late), and I remembered I’d be sitting in a pedicure chair and some stranger would be near my feet. Time to rethink this whole dress idea. Since I was already committed to denim and floral, I switched a few things to make it more pedicure friendly (and forced my mom to take my pictures… I couldn’t have ANOTHER fight with my tripod!)

Khakis and a floral top from Torrid came in for the rescue. I was going to add back the ring, but in all of the hurrying it was forgotten.

I don’t like this print as much as I like the other one, but it’s still nice and brought in some pretty colors.

It also has little lace appliques on both shoulders.

Overall, I’m happy with both outfits. I love a good denim jacket to make a dress less formal, and floral complements denim so well.

Have you ever had to pull an emergency outfit switcharoo?

Outfit 1 Details (all links take you directly to the product):

Denim Jacket: Lane Bryant — Medium Wash

Dress: American Rag at Macy’s Only $21.99!

Ring: Forever21 — No longer on site

Sandals: Nine West — Last year

Outfit 2 Details (all links take you directly to the product):

Denim Jacket: Lane Bryant — Medium Wash

Floral Top: Torrid

Khakis: Old Navy

Sandals: Nine West — Last year