A Quick OOTD & my Clothing Crushes

Hey guys! I wanted to say thank you to all of you on twitter and here that commented about my vlog and made me feel…


Hey guys! I wanted to say thank you to all of you on twitter and here that commented about my vlog and made me feel less vulnerable about the whole thing. With the internet, we can kind of fill in the blanks with our favorite bloggers/personalities, so I always love listening to the way people actually speak, and eventually I start reading their posts with their voice in mind.

But anyways… I wanted to post a super-quick OOTD since it’s things you have already seen before but NEW SHOES!! that I absolutely adore.

You’ve seen this top on me before (one of my earliest posts), but I had to drag it back out to wear with my new shoes from Forever21. These are my ONLY comfortable pair of heels, probably because of the supportive wedge. It also was wide enough for my feet and only cost $25, so I was pretty damn happy about them. I can’t wait to wear these out with a sundress I got from American Rag, so look out for that OOTD soon :). Beyond the shoes, my outfit was boring, so I’ll move on to my clothing crushes.

I’m trying to not spend much money this month (although, I’ll probably splurge on a Monif C. swimsuit), so I’m having to wait on getting some things I like. Here are some of the items at the top of my wishlist.

I love this white lace moto jacket by American Rag for Macy’s. I’ve been very impressed (so far) of the fit of American Rag considering they are a Junior Plus company, and this sweet, but saucy jacket is only $35.40. I also really love the pleating on the purple dress by Spense for Macy’s.

I love this purple flowy top ($38) from Torrid and the cuffed jeans ($48). I’m beginning to think this post was not such a good idea. I might have to indulge in these two.

This blazer from ASOS is so amazing, but is sooooo out of my price range at $134. I think it will have to remain on my wishlist. I also want a casual pair of capri pants and Old Navy has just the right pair for $32.50.

Please, please, please March go by quickly and let these items be on clearance and IN my size when I’m ready to buy!! *Fingers Crossed!*

What’s on the top of your shopping list for the spring?

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  1. I love that top on you! I’m new to your blog so I hadn’t seen it before, it looks great!

    Also, of course, the shoes. You KNOW I have to talk about the shoes! They’re lovely. I’ve never tried Forever21’s shoes because I assumed they would be too narrow for my feet– you’ve inspired me to give them another shot!


    1. Thanks, Anna! Some of their shoes are too narrow, but I was very pleased with this pair. I’m going to have to spend more time in their store trying on shoes since they are such great prices, but their stores near me are ALWAYS really crazy, so I tend to get out of there fast :).

  2. Great shoes! I feel like Forever21 has really stepped up their shoe game. 🙂

    And now I am dying for that lace moto jacket– thanks for that! LOL

  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Now I want to buy more things…must control my urge. I have bought so many clothes lately, and I haven’t had time to wear most of them twice, but gosh things are SOOOOO cute this year!!!!! I found a pair of Hush Puppies on the Schuh website, and fell in love, and you know what? They are only part of the UK collection….bah!!!!!!!!!! So if I want them, I will have to order them and pay the shipping to the US.

    1. I agree, this year has seen some beautiful clothing, but maybe it’s just because I know of more stores now. I always tend to find things overseas that I want, but I’m the queen of finding discounts so I never buy full-price.

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