I heard about eShakti late last year and decided to order a piece after a blogger posted a discount code for them. I had been saving this top to wear to the ballet with my mom, but after I saw that eShakti had sent me (and everyone else who has purchased from them) a discount code to share with people, I decided to break it out early for a review and give you all the details on the discount.

This top is eShakti’s vintage blouse (no longer online), and it has details that normally are not seen in plus-size clothing. It has beautiful scallop details and a three-button enclosure in the front. I paired it with a straight-leg trouser from Avenue that I rolled up. The trousers looks a little …. ehhh, but I hope to get it professionally cuffed.

Obviously, the shirt needs a bit of ironing, but that’s my own fault from having it folded up versus hanging in my closet. You can see in the picture the pleated middle section, and the puff/billowy sleeves. I’m considering putting elastic in the wrist so I can control where it goes a little better.

I absolutely love the back with the pleated detail. I’m not used to having clothes that have such intricate details. Mostly because plus-size retailers know that we are all shaped differently. eShakti takes care of that because they allow you to do customizations for an extra $7.50, which I did with this top.

It felt like the perfect time to put on this ring I got from Evan’s late last year. I love the brown/orange/tan colors in the stone, which went perfectly with the color of the top. Originally I thought the top would be more ivory, and to be honest, it took me a little bit to like this color, but I think it really looks luxurious, which makes it the perfect choice to go to a play, ballet, or other nice event that you want to be comfortable at.

I’ve been wearing my hair curly for most days this past week, because I’ve been a lazy bones and didn’t want to straighten my hair. Naturally my hair has some curl, but also has lots of straight parts. I decided to go back over it with a “curling wand” (it has no clasp like a traditional curling iron) to make the curls tighter.


I went from this…

To this…

It was fun to polish my curls, and the curling wand makes it a little funkier than a typical curling iron.

Overall, I really loved putting this outfit together, and can’t wait for the actual event to wear it out.

Which brings me to the point of this post. eShakti sent me and many others a discount code to share with anyone we know. It gets you $20 off your first purchase with eShakti (and sends me a $10 credit for every referral!). I’ve been very impressed with eShakti so far. They are constantly sending you discounts after your first purchase, and now they are really targeting “word-of-mouth” marketing. I think it’s an amazing deal for first time shoppers and great for the people they sent the discount to as well.

So, if you are interested in the discount the code is : RebeccaAgosta88

Some of your friends or family that have bought from eShakti may also have a code, so if you want to give them the $10 credit, make sure you ask them for their special code! đŸ™‚

Happy shopping!

Outfit Details (all links will take you directly to product):

Top: eShakti

Tank: Target

Trousers: Avenue

Heels: Torrid

Ring: Evan’s