100 Day Photo Challenge: Day Twenty-Seven to Day Forty-Eight

I’ve been a major slacker when it comes to my 100 Day Photo Challenge, so I hope you guys are still with me on this,…


I’ve been a major slacker when it comes to my 100 Day Photo Challenge, so I hope you guys are still with me on this, and I have some pretty good pics for you today :).

Day 27 – A picture of your favorite night

I have lots of favorite nights, but this party during my undergrad college years was one of the best. I think it was the first time that I felt like I really had a lot of good friends in college, and I could just enjoy being out and young with them. Plus, there were so many funny things that happened that night, and it’s one of those parties you refer to years after.

Day 28 – A picture of your favorite place in the world


Boone, NC is by far my favorite place. This is only a picture of the historic downtown area, but it’s nestled in the mountains and is my home away from home. I really love the area, and the way of life up there where creativity, learning, and relaxing are valued. I’d fully consider moving back one day. Wish I could just move my whole family up there!

Day 29 – A picture that can always make you smile

This is a picture of a REALLY funny play my mom and I went to this past summer in Asheville, NC. It’s The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), and they recreate his plays in a very funny way. It was at an outside and free playhouse, where people brought along wine and snacks. It was a fun experience that always brings a smile to my face.

Day 30 – A picture of your favorite quote

I love this movie way too much, and I want Kathleen Kelly’s life.

Day 31 – A picture of food you made


I made a bowl of Capt’n Crunch today. Does that count? This isn’t my bowl, because I had already eaten before I started this whole thing :).

Day 32 – A picture of what you did today


This is me everyday. Ugh, my life. I need to back away from the computer. I’m either on here or doing school work. Either way, I’m working my laptop to death.

Day 33 – A picture of somewhere you went today


I looked back at my actual Day 33, and I was going to school. I’m still getting used to my new university, and I’m finding new things every day!

Day 34 – A picture of your favorite morning

This was a toughy, but this is what I get to wake up to on most days, so every morning is pretty amazing.

Day 35 – A picture of your hometown


This is where I live, in a lake community that used to only have a Kmart and has now grown ridiculous amounts. The place I lived as a child is not the place I live now, even if it’s the same house and neighborhood. There are new things everywhere and tons more people.

Day 36 – A picture of your pet

Lola’s getting bigger!

Day 37 – A picture taken at school

I’ve edited this picture to hid my students’ faces, but here we are on my last day student-teaching. We were reading a The Odyssey and had a Greek feast. I kind of have to laugh that all of my students were taller than me.

Day 38 – A picture of your favorite drink


Mmm, Fresca.

Day 39 – A picture of your favorite food


Eggplant Parmesan, for sure. I am 1/2 Italian after all.

Day 40 – A picture of your friends

These ladies are my closest friends! Two of them have been close friends from middle school.

Day 41 – A picture of your favorite weather


With my favorite season comes my favorite weather. Mountain weather = lots and lots of wind. I love a fall day where you need a jacket with a cool breeze in the 60’s.

Day 42 – A picture of you listening to music

Here I am at a Time Warp party listening to music and about to get my dance on :).

Day 43 – A picture of you celebrating

I believe this was either my 20th or 21st birthday out with friends.

Day 44 – A picture that describes your life

This is a picture I took of my friend, but the items closest to where I was at were all of my books and papers. Yes, this is my life. I can’t wait to graduate in another year!!

Day 45 – A picture of your favorite cartoon character


Oh yeahh!

Day 46 – A picture that you edited

I edit a lot of my pictures, mostly just cutting it down to the size I want. If you want an example, see the one with me and my old students!

Day 47 – A picture of your favorite animal



Day 48 – A picture of you more than 10 years ago

Ridiculously cute. I know. 🙂

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