Lately I’ve been a little obsessed with coral red colors popping up in outfits, so when I needed to replace some shoes after my little monster-puppy, Lola, destroyed a few pairs I knew exactly what I wanted. My new shoes gave me the extra boost to play up the coral reds in a casual spring time look.

I had gotten a pair of light-medium denim from Yours Clothing a couple weeks ago when they had a crazy sale, so I decided to break those out for the first time. I cut the bottoms of the jeans (they had foot stirrups.. is that even a thing?) and then worked on cuffing them. I used my handy dandy hair straightener to really get the cuffs crisp, which is a little trick I figured out when I lived in a dorm.

I added on a basic v-neck tee from Target and my new cardigan from Target that I got from the maternity section. I know some people have their grievances with buying maternity clothes or just refuse to do it. I completely understand not doing so, but for me, maternity clothes fit me well since I am narrower in my shoulders/bust and wider towards my stomach and hips. Target has REALLY cute clothes in their maternity section. Now if only their plus-section would take some notes!

The cardigan has a jersey back so it’s stretchy, but the front is a sheer material that is really light and fun.

I added on some fun jewelry that I picked up at Forever21 for really great prices. The bracelet has elastic in it, so it can fit most wrists, and the necklace has a really cute and intricate elephant design. These are quite possibly my favorite two pieces of jewelry right now, and of course, they both have a peek of that coral red that I love so much.

Of course I can’t forget a close up of the shoes that inspired the look. I bought these at Target as well, and they are REALLY comfortable. The material fits with your foot and is soft. I love the woven detail, and the peep-toe will serve me well into summer.

I really felt cute in my outfit today, and it carried my good attitude throughout the day. I drove to school with my windows down, music blaring, and my sunglasses on. I was listening to a lot of music from Glee, so I’m sure I got some weird looks from my singing, but the feeling was well worth it 😉 I finished the day by going out with a friend to dinner (and more Target shopping). It was the perfect ending to a good day. I love days when I feel like this 🙂

What’s your favorite color for spring? How do you work it into your outfits?

Outfit Details:

V-Neck Tee: Target

Cardigan: Target

Jeans: Yours Clothing

Necklace: Forever21

Bracelet: Forever21

Shoes: Target