Day 49 – A picture of you and your best friend(s)

A. (in blue) and C. (yellow) are my best friends. I met A. in the 7th grade, and I met C. in my first semester of college. C. and I didn’t care for each other at first, but we grew on each other :).

Day 50 – A picture of yourself

Me in my high school days getting ready for a colorguard (flag) performance.

Day 51 – A picture of you wearing sunglasses

Photo taken by the one and only A. during undergrad. We were overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. She loved the picture, and I didn’t care for it because of my double-chin. She was right, and I was wrong :).

Day 52 – A picture of you dressed up

I was all dolled up for my senior prom. I didn’t care for my hair, but I felt beautiful that night.

Day 53 – A picture of you in a car

I’m in the driver’s seat of the car with my cousin. It’s my dad’s old Cadillac. Just posing, of course, because he’d never let me drive it :-p.

Day 54 – A picture of you on your last vacation

I unfortunately cannot find ANY pictures of my last vacation, which was to visit C. with A., but I do have some pictures from the one before that where I went to Lake Lure, NC to be a bridesmaid in my friend J.’s wedding.

Day 55 – A picture of you with a date

Umm, I guess you’ll have to refer to my prom date up there, because I don’t think I have pictures of my other “dates”.

Day 56 – A picture of you all bundled up

I lived in the mountains for 3 1/2 years, so I was bundled up a bunch of times! This was at a football game. We were all making fishy faces because we’re cool like that. (Just let me lie to myself, guys)

Day 57 – A picture of you in your backyard

I can’t seem to find one, so instead I’m filling in one of my brother from back in the day.

How cute! What happened? hahahahah, just kidding.. kind of

Day 58 – A picture of your hair all done

This is me, on the left, at my eldest sister’s wedding. I was 15 years old. Loved my hair!

Day 59 – A picture of you at prom

This is my junior year prom dress.

Day 60 – A picture of you at a sports game

I look so interested, right? :-P. Go Apps!

Day 61 – A picture of you in the fall

Fall in the mountains with my friends being weird. You know, the usual.

Day 62 – A picture of you on a ride

At the beach some time in high school. I can’t believe I found this picture, actually. I miss those times.

Day 63 – A picture of luggage

A photo of luggage AND me, which I can’t believe even exists. A. took this during our France/Spain trip when I was a senior in high school.

Day 64 – A picture of you at work

Because I can’t find one, I’ll leave you with this little treat.

Day 65 – A picture of you at a park

A. and I at a park in Spain… but it may have been France. It’s all running together now. We were eating the broccoli trees. Yep.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about me, and have fun with all those pictures from my past 🙂