I have a lot of days where I am rushing out of the house to school, and there’s barely any time to sift through my clothes, let alone pick out a newly mixed outfit. I’ve never been one of these people where an outfit strikes me instantly; I try things on, change it, change it again, and then (hopefully) come to a new outfit. So there are days when I just grab some simple items and accessories and scoot on out the door.

Today was one of those days.

I had a really long top from Old Navy, which is more Rose-Purple than Barney-Purple in real-life, so to make my outfit a bit more interesting I put on a braided belt by Torrid. Although the picture diminishes it, there’s a good bit of draping up top, and I really loved the different shape a simple belt created. The shirt when from a t-shirt to a top (at least, in my head), because the new style wasn’t so basic.

Excuse the dust spot on this pic. I really loved adding this belt, and since it was a bit long I looped it like I’ve seen in countless fashion ads.

I added on these bangles that I got at Avenue and earrings from ASOS.

Lola girl was standing by to watch over me :).

I was pretty happy with how easily this outfit looked put together in a short period of time. Simple articles of clothing can be made more interesting with the right accessories or worn in unexpected ways.

How do you dress up your outfits when you’re in a rush?