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Ever since I started reading fatshion blogs, I’ve enjoyed seeing Nicole, Beth, Monkey and Elizabeth‘s Five Take posts. These posts always inspired me to try…


Ever since I started reading fatshion blogs, I’ve enjoyed seeing Nicole, Beth, Monkey and Elizabeth‘s Five Take posts. These posts always inspired me to try out whatever trend/item they were showcasing, so you can imagine I was delighted when I was asked to take the fifth spot when Valerie was unable to do it any longer. For those of you who do not know what Five Take is, it’s 5 different people, 5 different looks using 1 theme. Since it was my first week in, they let me choose the theme, so I decided on the maxi dress.

Dresses, in general, are pretty new for me. I’ve had some in the past, but I very rarely wore them outside of special occasions. Now it’s getting to the point where I need to stop buying dresses. I always thought floor length dresses were reserved form prom or other very formal events, so I was really excited when the maxi trend hit. These dresses are perfect for the spring and summer since they keep you cool and breezy, and also very feminine and chic.

I chose to wear my new maxi from American Rag at Macy’s. It’s a mixture of floral and subtle cheetah print and is definitely the most bold print I own. I’ve been trying to push myself out of my solid colored safe haven, so when I saw this dress I got pretty excited.

The best aspect of this dress is the fit. Right below the bust is a flat section before the skirt. I really like that it pulls in before the skirt flows out. Although I’m not comfortable with my arms, I figured I’d show what it looked like without the jacket.

This dress really deserves a good chunky necklace, but since I have none I made do by dressing down the maxi with a belt and denim jacket, and I added on my staple gold bangles and a cocktail ring.

Excuse my peeling nail polish. I’m always horrible at painting my own nails.. oh well! I really love this cocktail ring with all of the side detail plus the turquoise/minty green color.

For my hair I kept it wavy and free, which worked perfectly with the flowyness of the dress.

This kind of free flowing waves is a new look for me, and I kinda like it. I’ll have to keep experimenting with it to see if I really like it. To get the loose waves, instead of putting mousse in my hair, I put a spray-in conditioner. Then I dried my hair somewhat straight before using my curling wand to add in the waves. Switch in mousse instead of conditioner for a curlier look, and dry your hair with a diffuser.

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Although my maxi gave me a couple of issues, such as the top rolling down (hello there, double-sided tape) and being slightly short (and I’m only 5’4″!), I really loved how easy and fun the dress was. I can’t wait to try out the other maxi dresses that have somehow sneaked their way into my closet.

What do you think about maxi dresses? Do you like to dress them up or keep them casual?

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  1. you really look fabulous, really! This maxi-dress is pretty and you’ve choise the good mix with a denim jacket and this belt! You are gorgeous!

    I’m in love with the maxi-dresses, ’cause it’s make every outfit (for day or evening) so stylish and it’s so confy.

    I’m just waiting for more sun to wear them.

  2. What a timely post! I just bought my first maxi dress this week from the FatshionXchange board. It was from Igigi and had the matching shrug. I too felt a long dress was from something more formal, but I loved the dress once I tried it on, it was so feminine. It garnered lots of compliments. The colors in that dress are lovely on you, as is the print. You really outdid yourself on that outfit! Perfect.

  3. Really lovely look – the denim jacket just takes it to a relaxed look so nicely. I wish I could find a strapless bra so that I could wear strapless dresses!

    1. Kath, you might want to check out the LB strapless bras. I swear by my 5-way convertible one. It has been my favorite regular bra for years – but the straps are adjustable/removable.

      1. Sadly I can’t get LB bras – they don’t ship to Australia. Occasionally my friend Craig, who is a pilot in the RAAF, will go shopping for me and bring them back on his plane, but that’s only once or twice a year!

    2. Thank you! I sometimes have issues with strapless bras, so I just push my straps down. Although, that is really a horrible way to handle it :-/. Hope you find some soon!

  4. Fantastic! The denim jacket looks great with the dress, making it a cute but still casual look.

    Your hair looks amazing. I wish mine had turned out more like this and less… crazy mess, ha.

    Am I crazy? I thought the dress had straps when you posted it on Twitter… but I love it strapless! I wish my maxi dress kept me cool and breezy. 🙁 Hopefully my handmade one will do a better job of that!

    1. Thanks, Nicole!! I kind of want to wear my hair like this all summer. It doesn’t matter if it’s humid or not, curls always work! Good luck on your handmade one, I can’t wait to see it!

      (And if anyone else is reading this, the dress does have straps, but they are removable.)

  5. Gorge!! I actually buy mididresses which I wear as longdresses…

    I wear them with sandals, big sunhat och huge sunglasses.. And perhaps a breezy shawl/wrap around my shoulders.. I’m superpale and I don’t get tanned, I just get tomato so I avoid the sun as much as possibly.. maxidresses (or mididresses in my case) give perfect coverage.. = everywhere ^^

    1. I just bought my first midi-skirt and I’m wondering if it will be full-length since I’m somewhat short. We shall see! I love big sunhats and glasses. I can’t wait for the weather to warrant me wearing them!

  6. Rebecca, you are gorgeous in this especially when the wind catches up with your flowy skirt and your prettily curled hair! If I ever go to your part of the world, we must dress up and party 😀

    1. Thank you, Dee. And you BETTER come to my part of the world so we can dress up and party! (or maybe me to yours!) I’m hoping there is a blogger event that I will eventually get to make my way to, but my state is pretty far from the ones that normally have them.

  7. That is a wonderful dress! I think maxi dresses are so beautiful but I have always thought they didn’t look good on curvier girls like myself. But you proved me so so wrong! Maybe I should start trying them on again. 😀

    1. Thanks! I think it’s all about finding the right cut. I don’t look great in all of the maxi dress styles, but I’ve found a few whose shape is perfect. I’m starting to learn to try on anything the piques my interest when I’m shopping, even if I think it’ll look bad. I’m surprised very often!

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