Ok, guys, it’s confession time. It’s been about 8 years since I last confessed, so it’s about damn time.

I am a serial clearance section stalker.

Yes, I constantly have my eye out on all of my favorite stores’ clearance sections, and I very rarely go more than 3 days without checking my favorites out.

It sounds like a problem. I mean who really should be stalking a section of a website that religiously, but it’s my guilty pleasure. And sometimes that guilty pleasure pays off in glorious ways.

During my latest stalking, I noticed a Calvin Klein blazer was in the clearance section. I tend to organize the items by price since I’m shopping on a tight budget, and I was not expecting that brand name in the lower prices.

Lucky for me, this originally priced $109 blazer became mine for a nice $26.

This blazer has a really cool finish that I don’t have the technical words to apply. It looks almost like suede in the picture, but it’s definitely not. Either way, I love that the material gives it a relaxed look and that it’s not too business-wear. I was worried that the blazer would be too small in the arms since I got it at Macy’s (which goes up to a 3X/24), but the arms are roomy! It’s slightly too long on me, but at 5’4″ it can’t be helped. Of course my obsession with coral-red had to come out again, so I paired it with a v-neck tee. I’m all about v-neck tees this season. They’re very casual, but also sexy.

The blazer called for great fitting jeans, so I had to pull out my City Chic jeans which I’m sure you’re all getting sick of now ;).

P.S. Do you see the shrine to my brother on the upper left hand corner?!! Just kidding, I’m there somewhere underneath, just not in that huge of a picture.

I also added on a turquoise/silver necklace that I absolutely love, but that does not look great with my other accessories. This outfit still needs one more accessory or a great clutch.

I really love this necklace and the geometric silver beads.

(Shop: Similar Blazer, Tee, Jeans, Heels, Similar Necklace)

So although my compulsive clearance checking is a little much, it has definitely paid off by getting me this blazer. I feel like I stole it since I got it at such a discount! I wore this out to dinner with my family, but I could just as easily see myself wearing this to go get drinks with my friends or heading to the university for class.

Do you have any odd shopping behaviors? (And it’s totally possible that mine’s not odd at all!)

What has been one of your best fashion steals?