Since blogging, I’ve gotten much better about incorporating colors into my outfits. My closet used to be a sea of blacks with some other dark colors, but now it’s much more diverse with different patterns, colors, and textures. Sometimes, though, I think fondly of all my old black clothes and know that I want to get back in touch with my old love.

I ordered this sheer black pocket tee from Evan’s and when it first arrived I was a little worried. I’m 5’4″ and this shirt was way too long on me. Thankfully my studded belt came to the rescue, and I really liked the shape it made with the shirt. I could have made it drape-y-er (word?!), but I liked seeing the studs. I’ve had this belt for over a year and had never worn it, because I bought it as a set of two and I use the braided version all of the time. So finally this belt got its day in the sun.

I also wore my angular earrings, gold ring, City Chic zip jeans, and black suede wedges. I’ve decided to start taking more pictures from the side perspective, too. I decided this partly because outfits look different from the side, but also because the purpose of this blog is to become more confident about my body, my whole body, from every angle. I’m definitely umm…. shapely(?!) in the bum region, which is something that I’ve been embarrassed about on a few occasions, so here’s to hoping me and my bum can live happily together forever and ever.

Now don’t get me wrong; I realize that black clothing is not a bad thing, but it can be (and was for me) a crutch as a way to hide my body and be less noticeable. I don’t feel that black clothing is that crutch for me anymore. Now it’s just another thing that I like in my wardrobe, and that makes me REALLY happy that I’ve gotten to that point.

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Do you have a type or piece of clothing that is/was your crutch?

How did you learn to step outside of your comfort zone?