OOTD: Calming Stress with a Dress

Hey guys! This time of the year is crazy busy for me. I have 2 more weeks to get 4 essays and a portfolio finished,…


Hey guys! This time of the year is crazy busy for me. I have 2 more weeks to get 4 essays and a portfolio finished, so I’m a little out of my mind with stress. However, in the middle of my academic meltdown, I got a sweet little package in the mail and knew exactly which dress I wanted to wear today.

I got this belted beige dress from Torrid a couple of weeks ago, but I had been waiting for the right colorful accessory to wear with it. Enter in this red Forever21 necklace, and I was smitten.

I really love the two together, but I know I need one more pop of color, so I’m definitely on the lookout for a cute clutch to finish this outfit. I’m thinking of this one from Aldo.

(Image via Aldoshoes.com)

This dress has cute sleeves that will work perfectly from spring to summer, but it did have its annoying qualities. When I tried on and purchased the dress, it was very wrinkled. I spent a good twenty minutes ironing the dress, but then by the time I went to put it back on, it was wrinkled again. I’m hoping that once I wash and dry the dress, the wrinkle issue will go away, but who knows if that will happen.

I also got these shoes from Forever21, which I wasn’t sure about because I do have wide feet. They have buckles at both the toes and the ankle, so they fit fine. I know there’s a rule out there that says not to wear ankle straps if you’re short, but this season all I’ve seen are ankle straps, so I decided to try it out. What do you all think?

(Lola says hi :))

I’m sorry for the lame pictures, my normal photographer (aka my mom) is out of town, so it’s just me and the tripod.

(Shop: Dress, Shoes, Necklace)

Part of me wonders how this dress will look when I’m not as white as snow. I’m definitely looking forward to my skin not matching this dress, but I’m trying to embrace my paleness.

On a serious and totally topic switching note, this week I received an e-mail from a reader and we discussed self-acceptance a bit (Hi Alice!!). It really made me reflect over the last couple months to see where I was and where I am. I still have a long road before me. Believe me, I know. But I also feel very different about myself, my physical body, and my life. This week three different guys flirted with me (this has a point I promise), and for a few days I thought, “Wow, that was weird, because that never happens to me”. And then it kind of dawned on me that it has happened before, but I’ve never let myself believe or see that it was happening because my automatic instinct was that they were either not interested or that something was wrong with them. For the first time in a long time, I truly believed that other people could be attracted to me, and as vain as that kind of sounds, it’s a huge deal. It’s a huge change from the way I perceived others’ thoughts of me. And I’m happy, really happy, that I’ve gotten to like myself enough that I think other people could like me too. I really hope that anyone who is reading this has either realized this or is on their way there. But anyways.. back to the clothes!

How do you like to dress up a plain clothing item?

How do you feel about ankle strapped heels? What do you think of the outfit?


  1. Great shoes!! hehe

    Love this post. That’s fantastic that your’e now able to see that you are someone to love! 🙂 Good luck with your finals!

  2. I love ankle strap shoes! because I have so many pictures of my late mom wearing them, and she was very elegant, very glamorous – which is how you look in these pictures, my friend! Great OOTD!!!

  3. I wish I could wear necklaces and beads. They never sit right on me, either fall lopsided over my rack of doom or just generally annoy the crap out of me.

    I tend to wear big earrings and brooches to jazz up a plain outfit. I don’t wear neutrals much, but I would like to try to more, especially now that I’m seeing people do them up with brights.

    And I love ankle strap shoes! I don’t give a damn what anyone says about body types that should or shouldn’t wear them, I find them femme and cute, so I wear them and to hell with whether or not they make my legs look short/fat!

  4. Mostly I don’t like neautral colors, atleast not on myself. I tend to look like I am going to puke any secund. But I love the cut of the dress, really flattering!

    OMG. I have thought the exact same way about people flirting with me. Good that you have started to realize that you are a really cute girl and that it’s not strange that guys are flirting with you!

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