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As I mentioned in my last post, my life is school, school, school right now, so it’s been a bit of a challenge to drag…


As I mentioned in my last post, my life is school, school, school right now, so it’s been a bit of a challenge to drag myself into paying attention to other things. All I want to do when I have a free minute is watch low-budget films from Netflix and let my mind rest. But when I am having a hard time focusing, I find that making myself get ready and dressed comfortable, but cute helps put me in the right frame of mind. If I stay in my pjs, my mind stays in that “I want to sleep or veg out” state, so what better way to refocus then to take a little time and play in your closet!

I had to break out my new F21 geometric print tank and decided to brighten my outfit with some pink in my cardigan and sandals.I really love this tank, and it has buttons all the way down the back, which you can mess with if you’re like me and your hips are a size (or two) bigger than your top portion.

O love the print on this tank top, probably because it’s very rare that I can find one like this in my size. Since it’s black and white, I think it will be easy to incorporate in casual or dressed-up looks.

I wore it with my City Chic jeans, which I’m sure you’re all wondering if I have any jeans beyond this pair. I do, I just love these so much :). I broke out my new-ish Avenue sandals and a beaded bracelet from F21.

(Shop: Tank, Cardi (no longer available), Jeans, Bracelet, Sandals)

Does the way you dress affect your ability to work/get things done?

What’s your go-to outfit for being casual and cute?


  1. Thank you for this post, my friend! because for me it’s like shining double lights on something that I also need to pay attention to … while I’m not a student, I’m disabled … meeh, why get dressed?! why get dressed even if I’m “just” running errands?! why get dressed if I’m not feeling well?!! meeh!!! … your post reminded me WHY I need to get dressed! AND your pictures show me HOW I need to get dressed! Thank you so much! Another great post!!!

    1. Thank you, Jeannee! I so agree, it can quickly get into a downward spiral. And when you don’t feel well, it’s especially difficult. Finding those little things that help you frame your mind better are always worth the extra effort! 🙂 Ps. Your comments always make me smile!

  2. Your always so cute! My relax outfitt is such a fail! It’s usually a pair of black sweatpants from H&M, the baggy type. A black classic tank top and a cardigan. Than I pair it with what ever cute accessories I want to wear.

    1. Aww thanks! Well luckily I don’t have a camera following me around every day. My bumming outfit is throwing on a super stretchy dress that I wear around the house, because I can’t even be bothered with pants. :-p.

  3. Sorry I just need to say this. Your but looks good enough to eat on the third picture! 😀

    1. If only some men would feel that way ;)! I’ve actually had a guy tell me that my butt was the deal breaker because it was too big. Ahh. his loss, right?!

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