Hi everyone! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sticking with me through this CRAZY exam week. I will be back to normal next Wednesday, so you and me both are excited for that :). Because I can’t allow myself to take too much of a break, I’m just going to post some quick shots of today’s outfit.

I’m wearing a tiered top by Style & Co from Macy’s, cardi is from Old Navy, jeans are City Chic, earrings are Michael Kors I believe from Ideeli, and shoes are Gap.

This is probably the only hot pink item in my closet, and the color has definitely grown on me since I typically stay away from such bright colors. I wish the top was a little bit shorter, but here it is in all of its lengthy glory.

Enjoy & I hope to be back to real blogging soon!

P.S. I read and think a lot about the way fat women think and talk about themselves. Kath from Fat Heffalump wrote an amazing post about how people can easily get in the mindset of negatively thinking and talking about other bodies, even if they are fighting the way people judge and perceive their own bodies. Take a looksy here, and you’ll thank me later ;).