Oops, I’ve really neglected this challenge, but this semester has been truly challenging for me. I’m still in the midst of exams, but I turned in one portfolio today and decided to reward myself by blogging a bit. I hope this lets you know more about me!

Day 66 – A picture of you doing something childish

Here I am carving a pumpkin a few years ago during undergrad. I do plenty of “childish” things, but I’m smart enough to not let them be captured on camera ;).

Day 67 – A picture of you falling

Ok, so I’m not so much falling as I am jumping, but I mean really, what does this challenge want me to do? Go outside and fall just to take a picture of it?! I don’t think it has my best interest at heart, haha. P.S. I am in Madrid, Spain in this photo. Awesome :).

Day 68 – A picture of you outside

I’m posing here with a sculpture (obviously) in front of my music fraternity’s national center. This is probably one of the few full-body shots I allowed in the last few years previous to blogging.

Day 69 – A picture of a crazy night out

The night started out fun, and only got better from there. This was one of those parties that years later we still reference it as one of the best and craziest parties we have attended.

Day 70 – A picture of someone you don’t go a day without talking to

This kind of changes depending on where I’m living. Right now it’s probably my mom, but no matter where I live I almost always talk to my sister, K., on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s just by e-mail or text, but we talk a lot.

Day 71 – A picture of you with people you work with

I don’t currently work with anyone, but this was my last main job. I worked for Gap, Inc. and loved it for a majority of the time. I’m not sure I’ll ever have coworkers that made such good and fun friends again.

Day 72 – A picture of you with unbelievable scenary

I already posted the picture of myself with the best natural background, but the Sacre Coeur is pretty nice too ;).

Day 73 – A picture of you somewhere warm

Boone, NC on July 4th. It was hot and stuff.

Day 74 – A picture taken professionally

Graduation from college  announcement picture

Day 75 – A picture of you receiving a reward

Not sure I have one of those, so graduation will have to do!

Day 76 – A picture of you drinking something

The end of the drink is better than drinking one? Yea, I’m just going to go with that.

Day 77 – A picture of you and friends making silly faces

My senior year of high school on a band trip to Virgina Beach, VA.

Day 78 – A picture of you in the dark

Bonfire with friends in the mountains = amazing.

Day 79 – A picture of you in the water

This is the closest I have. Maybe this summer will be different?

Day 80 – A picture of you and someone you love being silly

I make much better funny faces than this, but this will do :).

Day 81 – A picture of you with a character

Well hello there Belle :). Walt Disney World makes this picture possible.

Day 82 – A picture of someone you love asleep

Bahahaha, yes. I’m the kind of friend that will sneak pictures of you when you fall asleep in your car with your mouth open.

Friend of the year, for sure.

Day 83 – A picture of you and a teammate

Ok, so I guess I do have a picture with trophies? Either way.. TEAMMATES!

Day 84 – A picture of a school project

Edited out my last name, but I put this hand in my elementary school in ’99, and a family friend found it and sent me a pic recently. Kind of cool to know that what I did then is still there.

Day 85 – A picture of your favorite holiday


I love myself some Christmas!

Day 86 – A picture of someone who helps you with school

My mom is my personal editor, whether she likes it or not :).

Day 87 – A picture of someone you grew up with

Cousins as kids…

Cousins as adults (sort of)…

Not much has changed, huh?

Day 88 – A picture of your dream car

I don’t really think about stuff like this, but I’ll take this car for sure.

Day 89 – A picture of you at a hotel

I can’t believe I actually have a picture, but this was last year in Asheville, NC. This is when I first started getting into fashion and brave enough to wear a dress out.

Day 90 – A picture of you wearing your favorite color

I love green, so this pic from a few year ago will have to do. I’m always wondering: should I stay brunette or go blond?

Day 91 – A picture of you and your friends playing a game


Day 92 – A picture of your school

Day 93 – A picture of your favorite board game


LIFE!! I loved this game when I was younger… and I may have possibly downloaded a version for my phone and play it when I can’t fall asleep.. maybe.. possibly.

Day 94 – A picture of you and your friends eating

Ok, this may be a bit AFTER we ate, but it works. This little shot makes me really miss my old life in Boone with friends. 😦

I hope this wasn’t too tedious! It seriously took my 2 1/2 hrs to do all of it. Kind of ridiculous!

That means I’m beyond deliriously tired, so off to bed for me.

Lola also says good night!