OOTD: Channeling the 40s

Hi everyone!! I want to thank all of you who are continuing to come and read even though I’m being so inactive right now due…


Hi everyone!! I want to thank all of you who are continuing to come and read even though I’m being so inactive right now due to finals. It’s almost over! I have my last paper due on Tuesday and an exam meeting on Wednesday, before I get my ridiculously long week and half break and then start summer classes ;). Sounds fun, huh? You can bet that Thursday will be spent getting a mani/pedi and taking myself to the movies in the middle of the day. I know, I know. I live the exciting life.

So here are a few shots of an outfit I was going to wear, and then decided not to because my lovely shedding dog made my skirt all hairy :(. Regardless, I love this outfit and decided to post it anyways. It’s definitely out of my normal style, because I typically don’t replicate vintage fashion even though I love it, but this one is the closest I’ve ever gotten.


The skirt ended right below my knees, but because it laid outward the photos make it look longer than it is.

P.S. See, I do look mean when I don’t smile!

I have yet to wash the skirt, and I’m pretty scared about it. Hopefully it will hold its shape!


The top and skirt are from Evan’s, and the shoes are from Target. The necklace is from my mom’s dresser and she said it’s vintage.

Shop: Top & Skirt

So do you guys think I hit the style on the head or did I miss the mark?

Does vintage fashion inspire you?


  1. Very cute outfit! I love pleated skirts like that. I have one that I have washed a ton and it stays perfectly pleated. Hopefully your’s will do the same.

  2. this is a GREAT look for you! very cute blouse, too. I like anything with birds on it.
    i think it’s great to step outside your style comfort zone, and you hit the nail on the head.

    1. Thanks, Danielle! This is honestly the first button-up blouse that I’ve ever been excited to wear. By far, feeling courageous enough to step outside of my usual style has been the best result of blogging.

  3. LOVE THIS! It’s so classic! Wow – you are a red chili tamale in this OOTD – keep it in the front of the closet, my friend, to wear often!

    1. Ohh, red chili tamale?! I’ll take that compliment 🙂 I really enjoyed trying this look out, and now I’m excited to try different things with the skirt.

  4. I love this outfit 😮 The blouse with the birds are cute!! Wow!

    I think, i MUST order this shirt 😀

    Now to your Comment about the “Fischgrätenzopf” ( fish tail braids ): Oh i love this way of braid. I try to grow my hair, then it looks better with long hair.

    ( uuh, my English .. i hope you can decode it *lol* )

    1. Thank you!! Your English is probably MUCH better than my German.. or Google’s German I should say. I’m hoping by the end of the summer my hair is long enough to pull off the fish tail braid. so beautiful!

  5. Hi Rebecca, I love that look, especially those shoes (here in Spain, can not find the same). The skirt helps a lot, but I will not look good because I am short in stature and I will be more even.

    (Sorry for the translation of google)


    1. The translation seems good! I’m always using Google translate for things too :). Thank you for the compliment. I’m pretty short, too, so I have to watch my lengths, but it’s always fun to try out different things.

  6. Wonderful, wonderful look! I love classic outfits and I feel my best when I’m wearing it. (To often I’m lazy and choose jeans and a t-shirt.) The skirt is fantastic.

  7. I love this outfit! I’ve been coveting this skirt, but I love it even more after seeing it on you. I also love how your paired it with a blouse with a touch of whimsy and the red shoes – gorgeous!

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