I’ve had the past week and a half off of school, so I’ve been fully enjoying life by being lazy, going to the movies 3(!!!) times, doing a deep clean of where I live, and meeting up and shopping with friends. Today was my last day off, so I decided to have some fun in the sun. My sister came over and we tied floats together and laid out in the lake for a few hours. It was amazing, and I thought I’d share my photos of my suit and maxi-dress cover up even though they aren’t the greatest.

I’m not too happy with the pictures, but I wanted to hurry and get to the lake, so low quality pics it is! I typically don’t dress up my swimwear, but decided it’d be fun to give it a shot. The glasses are kind of ehhh now that I see them, but I loved my Target wide brim hat and maxi dress. I added on the elephant necklace that I’ve showed here a few times.

The main thing I loved about today was getting to wear out my new bathing suit. I’ve never been a fan of one-pieces, but this swimsuit from Lane Bryant has completely changed my mind.


Maxi Dress: Target (No longer available)

Swimsuit: Lane Bryant (True Red)

Hat: Target

Necklace: Forever21 (Similar)

Sunglasses: Target (No longer available)

The picture is awful, but the swimsuit is the best. I often have trouble with swimsuits not being long enough in the torso, but this one fit very comfortably. It also has a layer on the front and back, so you can raise it up to look like a tankini. I didn’t do it for these shots, but did it later, and it made the suit even better. Lane Bryant made it extra special by making the top their balconette bra. It has the best support I’ve ever gotten in a swimsuit! Although I’m pasty white, I still loved this bright color, and I felt so great in it all day.

While you can make the straps into a halter, the suit has a REALLY cute way of tying the straps. The back of the suit has two loops, and then you can bow the straps in the center.

I’m definitely on the large side of plus-sizes, and swimsuits have always been the hardest for me to find and flaunt. This is the first time since I was a kid that I wore a swimsuit without some type of shorts over it. It’s definitely the first time I’ve let someone take my picture in a swimsuit since I was a child. Partly it’s me becoming more comfortable with myself, but partly it’s because of you. You let me feel safe in this space, so thank you.

What’s your favorite swimsuit?