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I’ve had the past week and a half off of school, so I’ve been fully enjoying life by being lazy, going to the movies 3(!!!)…


I’ve had the past week and a half off of school, so I’ve been fully enjoying life by being lazy, going to the movies 3(!!!) times, doing a deep clean of where I live, and meeting up and shopping with friends. Today was my last day off, so I decided to have some fun in the sun. My sister came over and we tied floats together and laid out in the lake for a few hours. It was amazing, and I thought I’d share my photos of my suit and maxi-dress cover up even though they aren’t the greatest.

I’m not too happy with the pictures, but I wanted to hurry and get to the lake, so low quality pics it is! I typically don’t dress up my swimwear, but decided it’d be fun to give it a shot. The glasses are kind of ehhh now that I see them, but I loved my Target wide brim hat and maxi dress. I added on the elephant necklace that I’ve showed here a few times.

The main thing I loved about today was getting to wear out my new bathing suit. I’ve never been a fan of one-pieces, but this swimsuit from Lane Bryant has completely changed my mind.


Maxi Dress: Target (No longer available)

Swimsuit: Lane Bryant (True Red)

Hat: Target

Necklace: Forever21 (Similar)

Sunglasses: Target (No longer available)

The picture is awful, but the swimsuit is the best. I often have trouble with swimsuits not being long enough in the torso, but this one fit very comfortably. It also has a layer on the front and back, so you can raise it up to look like a tankini. I didn’t do it for these shots, but did it later, and it made the suit even better. Lane Bryant made it extra special by making the top their balconette bra. It has the best support I’ve ever gotten in a swimsuit! Although I’m pasty white, I still loved this bright color, and I felt so great in it all day.

While you can make the straps into a halter, the suit has a REALLY cute way of tying the straps. The back of the suit has two loops, and then you can bow the straps in the center.

I’m definitely on the large side of plus-sizes, and swimsuits have always been the hardest for me to find and flaunt. This is the first time since I was a kid that I wore a swimsuit without some type of shorts over it. It’s definitely the first time I’ve let someone take my picture in a swimsuit since I was a child. Partly it’s me becoming more comfortable with myself, but partly it’s because of you. You let me feel safe in this space, so thank you.

What’s your favorite swimsuit?


  1. I like the ruched design on the side of the bathing suit. You go girl, you are fearless.

  2. My type of swimwear would be a 2 piece halter skirtini. I’m a size 20 and I’m bit self conscious of my body. I need as much covered as possible. LOL!!!!

  3. ….. Were do I start you look amazing in the Maxi and you look amazing in the swimsuit girl it is so flattering to your figure … a in ( AWE) you look great who says big girls cant look cute in a swim suit well let me tell you ! You Just proved them ALL WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!! love the hat work it girl .


  4. I prefer bikinis, mostly because I always need to put some tan on my pale swedish “I’m close to dying” skin. I wear swimsuit only when I’m working out in the water.

    Love the balconette style! Wow! The nicest swimsuit I have seen for like… ever???

    1. LOL! “Close to dying!”!!! That made me laugh so hard. My sister’s right there with you. We call her Casper all of the time, poor girl! I’m trying to work on my tan now. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  5. Ahw, looking so summerish. I’m loving the retro looks on swimsuits this season. It seems to pop up every where I look. Looking Hollywood stylish with your hat, glasses and red swimsuit. <3

  6. I am yet to find my favourite swimsuit. I want a halterneck tankini, in size Fatty McFattersons, with UNDERWIRE, and boyleg bottoms. I long to find a suit like that!

    1. Ahh, “size Fatty McFattersons”! I seriously love the things you put in your writing! Underwire is hard to find, especially in tankini. Come on, stores, you know we need support!

  7. OMG I have that same suit!!! It looks beautiful on you! You shouldn’t shy away from the bright colors, they look fantastic on pasties like us! lol

    I picked mine up in the black and white polka dot so it would match a retro hair doody I have or I was going to get this same color!

    Rock on girl, I’m loving your blog!

    1. Thanks, Deanna! I think you might have tweeted me?? Hmm, I’m never sure! 🙂 I just bought the black and white polka dot one now. I can’t wait for it to arrive!

  8. Beach beauty ready 🙂 You look like a 1940’s pin up girl in the suit, loving it, and jealous that you can wear red, you should wear it more often! Yay dinner date next week! 🙂

  9. You look awesome! My fave swimsuit is the exact same color! I got mine at Old Navy last summer and it’s so comfortable. I don’t get to go swimming very often so I’ll actually just wear it under sundresses sometimes just because. <3

    1. I’m lucky that I live right near a lake, so a swimsuit is really essential for me. I was surprised the color looked so good. Who thought red and pasty went together?! 🙂 Thanks for the comment, Kim!

  10. That swim suit is gorgeous! You look amazing in it! I love it! How is the support though? I almost want one with an underwire. Oh well. Lovely pics, my dear! =0)

    1. Thank you!! It has amazing support! I should have made it clearer in the post, but it has an underwire because it has their balconette bra in it. Best support I’ve found! 🙂 Thank you for the comment!

  11. I love this suit on you! You look amazing in the red. I bought the same style in Honeysuckle a few weeks ago and finally picked it up today. I love it but goddamn – I remember why I stopped buying one pieces. So much wiggling!

    When I picked up my site to store order, I saw they had the polka dot in a 28 and I wanted to snatch that up too… I seem to be between cup sizes for the suits but I don’t know if a 26 would fit. Probably should have tried it on while I was there. 😉

    Did you have someone help you with tying the back? I felt like I was going to pull a muscle trying to get the back up high enough, hahaha. And I don’t think I could tie it on my own!

  12. LOVE the swimsuit! 🙂

    Such a gorgeous red, it’s a lovely colour for you – I especially like the cute bow detail at the back!

    I have been struggling to find a tankini for my holiday but so far I have found something nice on ASOS Curve and it seems to fit okay!


  13. Wore the dress for my wedding. Got rave reviews by the guests. Very comfy, but finding a slip for the bottom half(from the empire waist and down) was a chore-and you definitely need a slip! Ended up buying a over-priced slip at a wedding store and had to pull it up past my waist to avoid an awkward looking space between the top and my waist. Would recommend having a liner sewn in before wearing.

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