A few months ago Lane Bryant approached me to see if I’d like to review new products that the Cacique line was developing for body care. I’ve always been incredibly impressed by Cacique (I only wear their undergarments), so I was excited to see what this company was creating. A couple weeks ago the package arrived with Cacique’s body mist and body lotion in the scent of Pinkberry.

I am a lover of good smells, but I’m also very sensitive and can get overwhelmed by too strong of scents. Lucky for me, that was never a problem with these products. Pinkberry scent is described as a “romantic blend of cherry blossom, raspberry, and peppercorn.” The scent of raspberry really makes Pinkberry revitalizing. I loved putting on it the morning since it awakened my senses.

I love that the spray is called “Spray It Again” because that’s all you’ll want to do once you have it! I would put it on in the morning and then again when I got home in the afternoon. I got quite a few compliments on the scent, and if you can see in the pic, it’s already down about a centimeter because I’ve been using it so much. I’m totally impressed with it, and I love that the scent lingers on me, but is not overpowering.

I was nervous to try the “Firm Believer” lotion, because sometimes lotions with fragrances will break out my skin. At first I only used it on my hands and arms which tend to be my dry areas, and I applied it when I was dry. It definitely softened my skin and had a light fragrance. Then I actually went and read the directions and saw that you are supposed to apply it when you’re damp. It is supposed to smooth your skin, so I’m guessing that’s why they say to apply it when you’re damp, so that as it dries your skin smooths out. So this morning I finally remembered to apply it when my legs were wet, and I figured this was the best test since I had just shaved and we all know the possibilities of getting razor burn when you apply lotion too soon. I’m not sure that I could see if it “smoothed” me, but it went on perfectly on my legs. Hours later, my legs are still moisturized and I haven’t needed to reapply at all. I’m definitely converted to a “Firm Believer” now, and I’ll be applying this on my legs every time I wear cropped pants/shorts/swimsuits.

CaciqueBody also offers body wash, body butter, anti-chafing cream (which I need!), revitalizing leg cream, and shimmering body lotion. I’ve only tried the Pinkberry scent, but there’s also Citrusfresh, Waterblossom, and Nightbloom.

I definitely recommend checking these products out. Lane Bryant is only offering the line in select stores to see how people react to it, so make sure to check out your local store or ask if they know where/when it will be offered. You can also order the products online here.

I hunted out where you can get the products in North Carolina, and the following locations are supposed to have them (although, don’t hold me to it!):

Sycamore Commons in Matthews, NC

University Place Mall in Charlotte, NC

Asheville Mall in Asheville, NC

So if you’re near those places, definitely go and bask in the great smell ;).

Overall, I’m incredibly happy with the products and glad to see that Cacique didn’t disappoint. I look forward to trying the different scents and getting my hands on that anti-chafing cream.

What do you all think of Lane Bryant and Cacique developing this line?

Since they take care of our body in intimates, do you think a body care line fits in well?

*Lane Bryant gifted me these products. The review is my true and honest opinion.