I Feel Most Beautiful When…

Yoli from Diva in Deep Thought tagged me in this wonderful post that is meant to celebrate the moments you feel most beautiful. My last…


Yoli from Diva in Deep Thought tagged me in this wonderful post that is meant to celebrate the moments you feel most beautiful. My last post speaks to moments when insecurity creeps in, so it seems as if this post came at the perfect time for me. It is obvious from all of the wonderful, deep comments in the last post that all of us have things that make us insecure, and I’m betting that we all have things that make us feel beautiful. So whether you have a blog or not, I think it’s worth the time reminding yourself and reveling in your beauty in however you define that word/feeling.

most beaut

The rules are as follows:
1. You state the time/s when you feel most beautiful.
2. You tag 10 beautiful bloggers.
3. You tell the bloggers about the project.
I hope everyone will join and enjoy this project as much as I did.

I feel most beautiful when…
1. I smile, laugh, cry, or get angry at stories in a book. My brother used to make fun of me when I would be grinning ear to ear staring at a television program. I’ve always gotten emotionally involved with the characters I read about, and that’s why I love literature so much. When someone’s words move me to some emotion, I feel really beautiful in that moment. Maybe it’s because I’m surrounded by beautiful words, but I love the feeling.

2. I’m taking part in a group activity. In high school I was in colorguard (flags) and band. I continued that in college for my first two years. When I performed together with my group, whether through dance or a musical instrument, I felt really beautiful. I think it has something to do with how the group composes something all together, each person essential to the outcome. I loved it, and I can tell that there’s a part of me missing since I no longer belong to a group like that.

3. My hair is styled. When I was an undergrad, I think I spent about 90% of the time with my hair just pulled back into a bun. That’s fine and all, but I found it was also a time when I dressed purely to clothe myself. Now I really like dressing up more and that includes my hair. I guess I see it as just one more thing where I decided to be visible, instead of dressing so no one would notice me.

4. My mom instantly gets “the look” or says something like “wow!” when she sees me. I try not to dress for validation by others, but I’ll admit it, my thoughts on my outfits always improve when I get positive feedback from my mom.

5. My puppy licks my face. I know, kinda disgusting, but I love her. And I love when she shows that she loves me.

6. I’m out laughing  and enjoying a night with friends. There are those moments in life when you look around a table and see that you are surrounded by amazingly kind, loving, and talented people, and you just feel so beautiful and alive in that moment.

7. When I finish/submit a piece of writing that makes me proud. I’ve been studying composition, and I view it as art. Composing words in a way that transform your readers is really amazing to me. When I either turn something in or share a piece of writing with someone , I feel very beautiful. You are vulnerable when you share a piece of you (whether it be writing/art/music), so I think it’s beautiful when you do it.

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  1. I’m so glad you participated… It boosted my ego to remember when I feel the best… I can’t wait to see what your tags write…

  2. How sweet that you mentioned your mom! I enjoyed reading all your replies and am excited that I’ve been tagged! Thank you! This will give me something to think about for sure! 🙂

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