With the summer heat coming in, it has been harder and harder to get motivated creating new outfits. Personally, I love to layer things, but this weather is not going to allow me to do it much, except for when I go in and out of air conditioned buildings. What fun.

I’ve been holding on to my Angel Ribbons lace vest from Simply Be for a few months now, and I’ve honestly had a really hard time figuring out a way to wear it. When I found a perfect shade of pink tank from Old Navy the other week, I knew I had finally found a match and a way to get back to my layering.

I’m not completely sold on this outfit, but I thought it was still worth sharing. The lace vest sits a little awkwardly because it is really long from shoulder to wider part, so I had to pull the back down to make it fit me better. I love the color of the pink tank, especially with a turquoise ring from Evan’s & earrings. I put on my favorite pair of City Chic jeans (I know own two of the same style, because I love them that much) and added Avenue wedges to complete the look.

I had picked up these earrings when I went shopping with friends at some nearby boutiques. They are a pretty cheap brand, but I liked the design and color a lot. I also liked the lace on the vest, but maybe would have preferred it to be the same lace all the way through instead of those two white-out sections.

So what do you all think? Would you try a vest in the summer, or do you prefer non-layered looks?

Oh, and I guess I’ll throw this in really quick, too. I tried to take OOTD shots last week, but they were horrible and the dress tripped out my camera. Here’s one shot of my in a Torrid dress with cardigan.