OOTD: Layering in the Summer Time

With the summer heat coming in, it has been harder and harder to get motivated creating new outfits. Personally, I love to layer things, but…


With the summer heat coming in, it has been harder and harder to get motivated creating new outfits. Personally, I love to layer things, but this weather is not going to allow me to do it much, except for when I go in and out of air conditioned buildings. What fun.

I’ve been holding on to my Angel Ribbons lace vest from Simply Be for a few months now, and I’ve honestly had a really hard time figuring out a way to wear it. When I found a perfect shade of pink tank from Old Navy the other week, I knew I had finally found a match and a way to get back to my layering.

I’m not completely sold on this outfit, but I thought it was still worth sharing. The lace vest sits a little awkwardly because it is really long from shoulder to wider part, so I had to pull the back down to make it fit me better. I love the color of the pink tank, especially with a turquoise ring from Evan’s & earrings. I put on my favorite pair of City Chic jeans (I know own two of the same style, because I love them that much) and added Avenue wedges to complete the look.

I had picked up these earrings when I went shopping with friends at some nearby boutiques. They are a pretty cheap brand, but I liked the design and color a lot. I also liked the lace on the vest, but maybe would have preferred it to be the same lace all the way through instead of those two white-out sections.

So what do you all think? Would you try a vest in the summer, or do you prefer non-layered looks?

Oh, and I guess I’ll throw this in really quick, too. I tried to take OOTD shots last week, but they were horrible and the dress tripped out my camera. Here’s one shot of my in a Torrid dress with cardigan.


  1. I would absolutely wear the lace vest. It looks gorgeous! I love how feminine it is. And that shade of pink really suits your peaches n cream complexion – lovely!

    1. I like it, but it’s just so out of the ordinary for me that I think it scares me a little, haha. I definitely need to try it with some other things. Thanks for the comment!!

  2. OMG!!! I love layering and have done so many vest outfits this summer and last summer. It’s the fun of a blazer with no sleeves. How can you NOT love that. And I love that lace vest. May have to swing by and “borrow” that from you soon. And I really like the pink and pop of the turquoise… Perfection

    1. Thank you, Yoli! You made me feel even better about this look :). I don’t think I’ve worn vests since middle school, so it’s getting over the mental blockage for me, really.

  3. Aww, I think you look gorgeous in both outfits. I remember you saying you’d ordered the lace vest and was wondering when you’d feature it – in fact I saw some while out shopping and thought of you just today!

    I can actually see how you seem a little shy in the first outfit photos because you’re less confident in that one. But it’s great that you did feature it even though you weren’t 100% sure – we all wear outfits that we’re a little unsure of from time to time, that’s the nice thing about blogging your own personal style. 🙂 xx

    1. Ha! What a coincidence! I agree, being able to blog all kinds of outfits is really nice, especially getting feedback. I think if I ever wear this combo again, I’d feel MUCH more confident having photographed and discussed it!

  4. Love the waistcoat (vest)! I also struggle with layering in the summer but with British weather its a must. I often find myself sweltering in an outfit which has too many layers though!

    I agree with Lauren – its good to post the items you’re not happy about as well. I often do and I always ask for advice on how to resolve what I’m not happy about. Its one of the (many) reasons I love blogging because of the readers!

    1. I always get a little jealous when I see what you all are wearing over there, but I’m sure you guys like heat every once in a while, too! Yea, you and Lauren are spot on. One of my most memorable and fun posts was one where readers helped me fix a couple outfits. The dialogue on blogs is fabulous!

  5. Love the vest! I think they look fantastic in summer layed exactly like you’ve done! The colour of the tank is amazing & that vest is so delicate & feminine. Also, next time I get out, I am trying on those jeans, because damn I want to look that GREAT in jeans!!

    1. Awesome! I think that’s the biggest thing that has changed for me since blogging. Now if I even find the item intriguing then I try it on. Sometimes it’s horrible, but other times I end up falling so in love with unique items 🙂

  6. I’m a huge fan of layering! My office dress code says we can go sleeveless as long as the straps meet a 3 inch wide minimum but most of my tanks and dresses fail to make the cut. So, I just throw on a vest and I’m good to go. :o)

    1. Ooh! That’s a good way to fix the width problem. I fear the day that I have a dress code again. When I was teaching, I had the most basic items that I wore over, and over, and over again.

  7. That vest is super cute! Something I would like to own is a jeans vest, I just find them cool and easy to wear. Havn’t bought one yet but maybe I will.

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