Heeelllllllllooooo all of you wonderful people!

I’ve been very busy with my summer class (Gender & Film) and prepping for my term paper, so my ability to capture pictures of the outfits I’ve worn lately has been pretty dismal. For those of you who are interested in gender studies (or fat studies), I’m writing my term paper on the tv series Huge starring Nikki Blonsky. Her character and the character Alistar do some really interesting things gender wise, so I’m excited to combine fat and gender studies to do my term paper (and my professor is really into it–bonus!).

Beyond school stuff, I’ve been scouring the web to find some items that aren’t so basic to add to my closet. I received two packages yesterday with some really cute things from DKNY Jeans at Macy’s and Forever21, so I’ll hopefully be adding more OOTDs soon (although my photographer AKA mom will be out of town, so who knows!).

After trying on my DKNY Jeans items yesterday, I knew I had to immediately wear one of the items out. I was pretty tired this morning, so I knew I needed a little sparkle in my life to zest up the day.

(Shop: Top, Shorts, Shoes, Earrings & Ring no longer available)

This top from DKNY Jeans is absolutely beautiful (even more so in person). It has a slightly pink tint, which really picks up on the silver and champagne gold sequins. I got this in the 26/28 (4X), and it is loose fitting. It has a drawstring at the bottom, so you can either make it a tighter fit or loosen it up for a flowy fit. I decided to tackle the Old Navy shorts again, and I definitely wore them with a lot more confidence this time around.

I had worn the outfit with flats to school, and decided to trade them in for wedges for a more dressed-up look, but I’m kind of disappointed with how they look in these pictures. Back to the drawing board on shoe selection for this outfit!

I kept it simple with gold and clear beaded dangling earrings and a simple cocktail ring.

I got quite the number of compliments on this top, so it’s definitely a winner. Now let’s just see how long I can keep all of the sequins intact :-X!

Lola also wanted to get in on the fun.

Probably because she didn’t understand that I was being all professional as a “model” with my award winning photographer, Mom.

P.S. I know I do the hand on the hip thing a lot. You wanna know why? Because when I try to recreate some of the cool poses I see people do, this is what I look like:

I’m sure you are all confused like Lola was, right? Just admit it; it’s best that I stick to my Modeling 101 style poses ;). Otherwise you will all revert to this behavior.

Okay, okay. I’ve wasted your time long enough. Some people were wondering how DKNY Jeans items fit. The top was loose, but I am a size or two smaller on top than I am on bottoms. The shirt dress I ordered was a little tight around the hips, and the jeans were VERY tight. They do have stretch so I may see if I can stretch them out, but I don’t think I should have to work so hard to clothe myself so they may just go right back to Macy’s. I am VERY impressed with the quality of all the items, though!

Do you like to wear sparkly things? How do you incorporate them into a casual look?

I admit, sequins can scare me, but every once in awhile I need the sparkle!

P.S. This is my 100th post!! Woot!