If there is one experience that I felt most excluded from as a fat child/teen, it was playing dress up or sharing clothes with friends. I remember spending evenings at my friends’ homes, them swapping shirts with one another to get ready, and I would just sit there knowing that there was no way I could fit my body into their clothes. Even growing up with a sister close in age, we still didn’t share clothes since we had opposite shaped bodies, so we always wore different sizes in tops and bottoms.

Nevertheless, my sister Katie and I still like to mess around with my clothes sometimes, so since she was staying over we decided to play dress up, and it was much more fun this time around!

Katie first: Katie tried on some heels that I had in my closet, and I was so impressed with her legs that I told her we HAD to make the outfit based around her shoes.

I’ve had these kind-of-booties heels for a while, but haven’t worn them because they aren’t exactly comfortable. They were too big, but looked great on her, so we added a short black dress from Target’s plus line. It has drapping in the chest area, so we added a belt underneath to break up the solid black material.

We also added a turquoise and silver beaded necklace by Forever21, and a silver ring with white and black stone ring by Forever21.

As much as we loved the shoes, they couldn’t get in the way of our vogue-ing.

As for me, I wore my new DKNY Jeans shirtdress.

Unfortunately, it did not photograph in the best way, but it has really beautiful grays and blues in the color, and  ties for a drapey top.

It hits me right at the knee, so it is the perfect length to wear with flats or high heels. I chose basic flats, since the dress had a great print.

The dress also has cute pockets, which are big enough for a tube of lipstick or a little loose money. They are also good for if you want to stand in a cool pose with a hand in your pocket ;).

Shirt dresses can be annoying on my body, since I am a smaller sized top than bottom, but this dress fit perfectly after it got used to my hips.

I used the same ring as my sister, and added earrings from Forever21. (All of my jewelry is coming from them these days!)

Playing dress up left us all dressed up with no where to go, but it was ridiculously fun to play around in my closet.

What do you think of the looks? Do you ever play around in your closet? Do you share clothes with anyone?