Hello everyone! I’m sorry that I’ve been MIA this week. My 1st summer session is coming to a close, which means writing, research, writing, and some more writing. Today I was able to take a nice break with the family, so I enjoyed the lake and went to see Super 8 (which was super good).

After 23 years of owning the same boat (and the last 6 or so trying to get the dang thing to run), my parents finally decided to replace the boat, so we definitely had to take it out for a ride.

Old boat:

New boat:

An improvement, huh?!

The lake was beautiful today, and since I thought we were only going for a short ride, I stupidly did not apply any lotion. The view was great, but my new sunburn sucks.

After a short hiatus, Five Take is back! For those who don’t know about Five Take, Nicole, Claire, Elizabeth, Beth and I all take on  an item/trend/theme once a week and show our “take” on it. Even though we use the same theme, all of us show a different side of it, so definitely check out their posts to see what they’ve done.

As for me, the only midi length item I own is my Evan’s accordion pleat skirt. I wore it once here, and decided to change up the vibe of the skirt. I decided to take it from vintage to romantic, with lace and pale pink accents.

I  used my lace dress that I’ve worn here and here as a top to add a different texture to the look. P.S. The pink skin is not a great accessory, hah.

I brought in pale pink accessories through my necklace, cocktail ring, and clutch.

The necklace tended to get lost in the mix, and I had to continuously pull it back on top of my tank because it had a habit of falling into the.. umm abyss.

Although I love big, blingy cocktail rings, they sure do take up a lot of space on my short fingers. Oh well 🙂

(Top/Dress: Macy’s (no longer available), Skirt: Evan’s, Shoes: Torrid (NLA), Ring & Necklace: Forever21 (NLA), Purse: Aldo)

So what do you think? Do you wear midi length skirts/dresses? How do you like to style them?

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