After finishing my Huge essay on Friday, I had a whirlwind 4th of July weekend before starting school today. For once my weekend was exciting (2 parties and a trip to a big flea market), but I kind of forgot to take pictures. Here is a brief summary of 4th of July:

Baby on the move.

Younger brother setting off fireworks from the back porch. (Don’t try this at home, folks)

Lola stealing any cuddle she can get from someone.

Add in some swimming, boating, good food, deep laughs, and a headache-inducing game of Yahtzee, and you have my4th of July.

But, I guess, all good things come to an end, and my weekend was over. Today I had to start a 2-week intensive-study of children’s literature, which should be fun (fingers crossed). The bad thing about my new class? It starts at 9 am, and I live an hour away without traffic, so there are going to be some early mornings coming my way. To help myself wake up, I decided to wear a bright print on the first day.

I picked up this top over the weekend, when my friend Ashley and I went to Target. At first I wasn’t too sure about it. I’m not exactly a bright-color kind of person, but Ashley said she liked it, so I gave it a go. Behold the power of trying things on, this ended up being the only thing I took back with me after the dressing room, and I’m so glad she suggested it to me. It’s very light and breezy. I love how sheer it is, which makes it a great swimsuit cover-up. It rained a lot yesterday, so it was in the cool 70s this morning. I decided to take advantage of the weather and wear jeans out with my Nine West sandals.

The neckline is nice and wide, so you can do an off-the-shoulder look, if you like that, and the sleeves are butterfly sleeves. Usually I hate butterfly sleeves because they inevitably have weird gaps that don’t cover parts of my body that I want covered, but this one has a panel so that it covers like a normal top.

I think this top would look great with a really long gold necklace with some type of pendant, but I can’t handle a lot of jewelry when it’s hot outside, so I kept it simple with a knot ring.

What I love most about this top is that it adds in some different colors into my wardrobe and has a bold print. While the top is not available online, it may be in your local Target, because there were plenty in mine. The top definitely made my day a little better. It was flowy, comfortable, and fun, which is something you need when you’re stuck sitting in a desk ;).

Do you like to wear bold colors or prints? How do you incorporate them into your wardrobe?