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Over the past  couple of weeks, I’ve been adding some items to my wardrobe and dealing with numerous returns because of ill-fitting clothes. When I…


Over the past  couple of weeks, I’ve been adding some items to my wardrobe and dealing with numerous returns because of ill-fitting clothes. When I looked at what I ended up keeping, I had to giggle. They were almost all coral. I’ve written about my love for coral red before, but I hadn’t realized that my obsession had gotten to this point. Regardless, I do love them and these clothes, so I figured I’d share some recent coral buys, and I may also publish those few select non-coral items that slipped through ;).


Z Gallerie – Sakura Flower – Marigold Set of 3, $39
Linea Orange gerbera stem, £1.20
Carved Rose Studs, $2.80
Plus-Size Flash Sale Site- Plus-Size Gilt Groupe
Photo – Kiyonna’s Vivienne Cinch Dress – Charlotte Plus-Size Fashion |…
Photo – Kiyonna’s Nantucket Cover Up – Charlotte Plus-Size Fashion |…
Photo – Macy’s American Rag Jacket – Charlotte Plus-Size Fashion |…
Photo – Aldo’s Southwood Bag – Charlotte Plus-Size Fashion |…

I’ve been waiting, waiting, waiting for to open their initial sale this past week, so when the clock hit 12 pm EST, I dove straight into the Rachel Pally sell and picked up this beautiful, one-shoulder dress that I can’t wait to wear out with chunky, gold jewelry when I’m at the beach next week.

With my $100 OneStopPlus gift card that I won from Stylish Curves, I picked up two Kiyonna pieces: a sassy, ruffle dress, and a flirty swimsuit cover up. I especially love the cover up because you can change the length and sleeve type with the drawstrings.

The jacket is from American Rag at Macy’s, and I found that while I was returning some items the other day, and it was on clearance. Lucky me!

I ordered the purse from Aldo today, and I can’t wait to get it since I’ve been needing a colorful purse, and the earrings are Forever21.

I’ve also been really into not-so-coral things lately like feather earrings, antiqued silver rings, and olive colored clothes, which happened to all sneak past my apparent coral obsession. I’ll be posting some of these coral items soon to show you how I make each of them a unique look even though they are all similar.

Have you been obsessed with a certain “thing” lately whether it be colors, textures, types of clothing, etc? How do you style them to change up the looks each  time?


  1. ooooh… love it!! Coral has always been one of my fave clothing colors. In fact, one of my fave pair of sandals is a coral colored pair I picked up at Old Navy last summer. 🙂

  2. I love coral! I haven’t quite given in to buying tons of it because I’ve curbed my shopping a lot but it is still (usually) the first color I’m drawn to. The one shoulder dress is amazing! Love the jacket and bag too.

    You always have really great bags – that is one thing I can’t get the hang of. I buy big ones to carry stuff for class (or my metric ton of CRAP) and use them until they break – ha!

    I always get obsessed with a certain thing. Often a specific piece of clothing – like when I buy something new or re-discover something from my closet, all I want to do is wear that one thing but it can be tough to remix frequently.

    Sometimes I cheat and I’ll wear the same or a very similar outfit when I know I won’t run into the same people. Twice the wear and nobody knows but me! 😉

    1. I love bags, but then I get annoyed with them and end up carrying around my wallet. lol. I always fall for things that aren’t realistic, but this new bag has been a joy. Especially at the beach since I’ve been loading it up with sunscreen and such. I do that all of the time with clothes. Right now I’m obsessed with a couple new tops I got from Nordstrom so I wear them over and over again until I get sick of them. It’s a problem :-p P.S. I won’t spill your secret, you naughty double-wearer! J/k :))

  3. I’m obsessed with anything of a pink pallette….but not proper pink…so coral, blush, rose, etc…I’m an a-typical english rose in colouring, so I find they suit me. Also, I’m absolutely, truly obsessed with what I’d call a prim and proper look…so anything ultra girly that looks like a slightly more fashionable version of what your gran would wear, then I’m sold! Its all lusting after pleated skirts, cardigans and sensible looking but gorgeous shoes round my way!

  4. I love the coral ruffle Kiyonna dress! I bet it looks great with your coloring. I would wear really dangly earrings with that. You might also need a plunge bra. I wonder how it would look with a brown or gold belt…

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