Hey guys!
I recently started writing for examiner.com as the Charlotte Plus Size Fashion Examiner, and it’s definitely a new type of writing that I find interesting since I am to supposed to make it local if possible, which I rarely do here. I’d love it if you gave my pieces a view, and feel free to comment me there, too. Once every week or two, I’ll just post a short round-up of what I’m posting over there so you’re caught up on everything I’m writing.. if you’re even interested ;).

This week:

Macy’s Plus Size Women’s Section Remodel at Northlake Mall — discussing the first department store where the plus-size section is NOT in the back corner.

Colors of the Summer: Coral and Red — discussing the obsession with the colors of coral and red with recommendations of items in those colors from various retailers.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Best of Plus Size Selection — discussing Nordstrom’s annual sale and picking my fave pieces.

If you’re an avid personal blog reader, than these articles might not be your thing, but if you think you’d be interested then check them out and feel free to share them with others 🙂