Hello! I’m sorry that I have been slacking in the writing department lately. I’ve noticed that I have major blocks on my blog writing when my semesters are coming to a close, and I just finished my second summer session today which has released some stress. Tomorrow morning I am heading to the beach with some cousins and my aunt for five days of relaxing in the sun. You can bet that I am ridiculously excited.. hence my very late blog post (I can never sleep well the night before a trip)! This is actually an outfit from this past Saturday that I wore on a cool day to south Charlotte for some shopping with my closest friend, Ashley. We have both been slowly drawn to the feather trend, so I decided to show off my new necklace when we went out.

This picture was taken way late in the day, and I had a bit of an attitude by that point. The sweater didn’t drape the way it had that morning and the cool weather had turned to major heat, which is not so fun when wearing a sweater. I typically wear long tops, so I was going on a stretch here with a shorter top and a tank top underneath.

See my ‘tude? Thanks, Mom, for loving my anyways ;). I got this feather necklace at Nordstrom’s in their junior section. That section has much more moderately priced items, such as sunglasses for $10–cheaper than Target! I loved that I could incorporate the feather trend without it being too much.

I loved the orange accent colors in the feathers as well as the gold beads. I think I can change up this necklace with a lot of different outfits, and it will always give a little edge to anything I pair it will.

The good news is that I did eventually get into a better mood, and I am going to keep reworking this outfit until I get it exactly how I want it. The sweater is from Old Navy, by the way. One of the few gems I found in their plus-size section. I really wish they would bring designs that compete with their main line to plus-sizes, but so far I’ve been unimpressed.

Are you into the feather trend? How do you wear feathers?

P.S. I’ll be gone for the next few days, and I hope to be able to still post, but if not, catch me on twitter–I’m sure I’ll be twitpic-ing my vacation!