Giveaway & Review: Lane Bryant CaciqueBody Products

A couple months ago Lane Bryant sent me some goodies from their new CaciqueBody line in the scent Pinkberry. Well if you remember my first…


A couple months ago Lane Bryant sent me some goodies from their new CaciqueBody line in the scent Pinkberry. Well if you remember my first review, I absolutely fell in love with the products and their lights scents that did not overwhelm me and didn’t upset my sensitive skin. Since then they sent me some more items in the Citrusfresh and Waterblossom scents.

My favorite new item from CaciqueBody is their body butter. It’s a rich creme butter lotion that gives a wonderful scent, but not too much. It works well on areas that have dry skin, so dry elbows be  gone!

My mom tried out the You Butter Believe It in Pinkberry and now keeps it on her dresser to use daily. It’s definitely a must-have item! I also really love their Spray It Again body mist and Firm Believer lotion, which I covered in my last review.

Lane Bryant sent me two new scents to try out: Citrusfresh and Waterblossom. I liked Waterblossom a lot. It’s described as a “calming blend of jasmine petals, violets & white cedarwood” and that pretty much describes it perfectly. The scent is sweet and light, which is perfect for me. The Citrusfresh also was a wonderful scent, but I’m not much of a citrus person, so I gravitated towards the other scents more. Citrusfresh is described as a “refreshing blend of bergamot, peony & white amber”. This scent will definitely give you some energy in the morning, and if you’re a citrus person, you’ll like it.

My least favorite item is the Good as New body wash. It has exfoliation beads or whatever they are called. I tend to like smooth soaps rather than exfoliating soaps, so I didn’t care for the body wash because of that factor, so if you like exfoliating soap then you would probably like the product.

Okay blah, blah, blah, I know what you all are waiting for: THE GIVEAWAY!

I loved these products so much that I asked Lane Bryant if they’d mind me giving some of the samples they sent me to my readers. They wonderfully responded with a “Yes!” so I’ve picked some items in different scents for you to enjoy. I’m going to have to keep this giveaway to USA readers because I’ll be shipping liquids, and I’m paying for shipping and honestly can’t afford a long haul over the big pond. I’m sorry!

Here’s what you’ll win: You Butter Believe It in Citrusfresh, Good as New in Waterblossom AND Pinkberry, Spray It Again in Waterblossom, and Firm Believer in Citrusfresh. That’s a total value of $77 in CaciqueBody products!

So how do you win these goodies?

You Must:

1. Leave a comment with which product or scent you most want to try on this post with your 1st name and a valid e-mail addy.

Extra Entries:

2. Follow me on twitter @theplussideofme and tweet the following ” I’ve entered to win #lanebryant CaciqueBody products from @theplussideofme Have you? a separate comment that you tweeted with your twitter name.

3. Blog about this giveaway or post it on your tumblr. Leave a separate comment with the link to your post and a valid e-mail addy.

Overall, you can have up to 3 entries to win the giveaway, but you MUST complete the 1st one!

Good luck everyone! The giveaway winner will be pulled on Friday, August 5th, and I will e-mail the winner to get shipping info!

Disclaimer: Lane Bryant sent me these product free of charge to provide my unbiased opinion on the products. They agreed for me to give away their products free of charge. I am paying for the shipment cost to send the giveaway to the winner.


  1. Hi my friend w/ the great clothes 🙂 this is Jeannee! Normally I would say anything w/ exfoliating beads BUT its been so toasty here (I’m talking temps in the high 90s, with days over 100 not kidding! and where my computer is I have a very nice gifted fan in the open window but its not the a/c room) I instead have to say – CITRUS!

  2. Waterblossom sounds like it will be a gorgeous scent, and I’d have to say that’s the one I’m most interested in trying.

    Sarah rahlennon at yahoo dot com

  3. I would love to try anything Pinkberry… especially the Good As New three-in-one body wash! Thank you so much for offering such a fun and generous giveaway. 🙂


  4. I am very curious about the You Butter Believe It and Pinkberry is just too cute of a name to not want to try!!

  5. I would LOVE to try Firm Believer in the citrus, im such a big citrus scent chick and my bf loves it!

  6. I love lane bryant, coupon or no coupon this is the only place i can find something awsome. clothes last a good long time and always great customer service. I would love the chance to get you better believe it. thanks always loyal customer

  7. I would love to try Citrusfresh! I love,love, love, lllloooooooooooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeee the smell of citrus!

  8. HI,
    I’m anxious to try the body butter as I have some extremely dry areas on my legs because of an ulcer I am working on healing. The rest of my leg is so dry and so is the other one!!
    Truly I’d like to try them all as I love to layer!

  9. Hi There!

    Thanks for the opportunity! I’m most interested in trying the Citrusfresh scented products.

  10. I would love to try the firm believer and the butter for my elbows and heels of my feet…
    I used to love going to lane bryant and buying their products…unfortunately too far from a mall now that carries their store…so only order occassionally since I can’t see how their product looks or feels before purchase anymore

  11. Hello there! I love that you are doing this for us! I would love to try the Good as New in Pinkberry.

  12. Also posting you on my facebook status so some of my friends might be able to try these products….so very thoughtful of you to think of others

  13. Tough choice between Citrusfresh and Waterblossom. I love Early Grey tea because the bergamot scent is so relaxing. The jasmine in Waterblossom is so feminine. I’d probably lean toward the Citrusfresh with the bergamot. Thank you for giving us a shot at trying out the products too!

  14. Let me try this again with all the information is one comment, goodness.
    Anything Pinkberry sound wonderful, ok is the Waterblossom and Pinkberry a set or are we suppose to pick one. I would pick Pinkberry.

    Thank you.

    Sorry for all the comment mess ups. I think I got it right this time. 🙂


  15. Good as New in Waterblossom AND Pinkberry! I HATE the body wash I am using now, it is actually drying me out. I’d love a chance to try a new one in a nice scent!

  16. I absolutely LOVE your blogs and Lane Bryant is like Disney Land for me! 🙂 It’s great that your giving all your readers the chance to expirience this as well.
    If given the opportunity I would Love to try them all but the Citrus Fresh is the one that caught my eye first! Cant wait to hear who the winner are!

  17. ooooh i would lurve to try Good as New!!! i am totes a fan of the scrubbies! i exfoliate once a week with a scouring pad. no seriously it really works. NOT brillo or anything like that just those green ones on the back of the sponges, and no i don’t do dishes with them, that is what my husband is for! bada- bum… lol

  18. Pinkberry would be amazing! I wish I had a Lane Bryant here – I have to travel out of state!

  19. I would love to try the Pinkberry! Getting married in three weeks-would love some extra goodies to pack in my suitcase for the honeymoon….

  20. I would love to try the Pinkberry or Waterblossom.. Thank You for offering these scents!! 🙂

  21. I’ve never tried any body products by LB, and I would absolutely love too. I’ve always said I would never buy Victoria Secrets body product because they didn’t sell plus size items!!! So I’m excited about this!!!! I would love to win, I’ve never won anything online before….Would love to try the Good As New Waterblossom

  22. I would want to try the Good as New lotion in either Pinkberry or Waterblossom because the scents sound wonderful and my skin NEEDS it! Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  23. I can’t wait!! Heels and elbows can always use the body butter. I’m looking forward to trying the Pinkberry. Though the Waterblossom sounds like something I’d like to try too!!

  24. I would Love to try the You Butter Believe It, or the Good As New. I am disabled and with my Sjogren’s Immune Disorder my skin gets extremely dry and these products may help alot. Thank You.

  25. I’m really interested in trying You Butter Believe It! Having soft, smooth skin is important to me.

    Thanks for having this give-away!

  26. Out of all the scents I like the description of the Waterblossom…im a huge fan of woodsy smells…plus i like things that are not over-powering it’s the reason i stay away alot of other stores sprays and lotions.

  27. I would love to try waterblossom. I just had major surgery and my skin has been soo dry. Gotta try some of that butter! Sounds heavenly!

  28. I can’t wait to smell the Pinkberry scent, but you also have me intrigued about the body butter! Thank you so much for being willing to share with us!!!

  29. I would love to try “You butter believe it” ! My elbows are in some need of love lol.


  30. I have some extremely dry skin areas & a nose that can not handle strongly scented products, so I would love to try the citrusfresh body butter.

    my year to thrive (at) gmail (dot) com {all sans spaces of course}

  31. I really need that You Butter Believe It Body Butter! The summer is not forgiving of dry knees and elbows wearing capri’s and shorts.

  32. I would love to try the You Butter Believe It in Waterblossom, but would be happy with any!!! I totally agree with u re:the exfoliating body soaps – not for me! I want something that I can use on ALL of me and I don’t like the idea of using the scratchy stuff just anywhere, if u know what I mean!!! Don’t these companies think about that kind of thing?

  33. GCLindsay

    I am very interested in trying the Pinkberry and Waterblossom. I was just in an LB store today and they didn’t even mention this to me. So sad 🙁

  34. I would love to try the body butter in pinkberry or waterblossom! Thank you so much for doing this!

  35. Looking forward to trying citrus fresh but really I would love to try all the scents!! I hope I win!! 🙂

  36. iam so excited to try the “Good as New” Waterblossom! i really love jasmine, violets, white cedar! what a cool and refreshing fragrance! i would love to know how u became a tester for Lane Bryant!

  37. I would love to try YOU BUTTER BELIEVE IT and SPRAY IT AGAIN … All three scents sound nice to me … Good Luck everybody =)=)=)

  38. I would love the body butter….would love my husband to rub it all over my body:)

  39. The Pinkberry…..just purchased it recently and would love to have some more to enjoy.

  40. I would love to try the citrusfresh scent since I have a preference to fresh scents. I’m not partial to musky scents. Thank you for considering me:)

  41. I would really love to try the “You Butter Believe It” in Pinkberry. I work at a veterinary clinic and have to wash and sanitize my hands constantly so you can imagine that my hands are a wreck. Thank you.

  42. Would live to try did not know of the new fragrances until now. I like fresh citrusy scents.

  43. You butter believe it looks like it would be something I would use. I’d like to try you butter believe it in pink berry.

  44. You Butter Believe It in Pinkberry

    SteveD. It would be nice for when I rub Wife’s Feet. I think she is about out of what we got at Hershey PA (Coco Butter)

  45. I’d love to give any of the products in the new line a try. Especially since I need light scents for my sensitive nose and light formulas for my sensitive skin.

  46. I want to try ANY You Butter Believe It Scent! These are not available at my local Lane Bryant yet and I would love to try it out! Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. I’d like to try waterblossom and/or citrusfresh lotion, bodywash or body butter. Thanks!

  48. So wanna try Citrusfresh! So not a morning person so anything citrus smelling always helps!

  49. All the scents and products sound so wonderful to me! I also do not like strong scents. I would probably get the most use out of the Waterblossom in the Good as New and Spray it Again. Thank you for the contest!


  50. Wow that is quite a haul! I wish they carried these in my local store so I can smell (or test, if they allow) them. I think I’d want to try out the body butter first.

  51. I would love to try your citrusfresh fragrence. In this smoking heat in AL, I need something fresh to smooth on after my many showers to cool off!

  52. Firm Believer in Citrusfresh would be great with this hot weather. Thanks for the contest. Good luck everyone.

  53. I would really love to try the firm believer. I love that your doing this giveaway. Thanks a bunch.

  54. Both the waterblossom and the citrusfresh sound really good. I suppose if I had to choose one, I would go with the citrufresh.

  55. Would love to try the you butter believe it in citrus fresh. Got a chance to smell it at LB blogger event and was fab! (Pinkberry smelled good too!) Hard to find a good cream–this one felt nice!

  56. I’d love to try either the Waterblossom or Pinkberry!!!!!! Love your tweets and blog!

  57. well poop, I was all excited at the prospect of trying some of the Lane Bryant body products (especially the body butter, the Body Shop discontinued the one I loved)…but US residents only? we are not THAT far from you up in the Great White North….

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