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Growing up I always resisted the idea that I was a Southerner. My parents were from Michigan, and I had a Nonna who only spoke…


Growing up I always resisted the idea that I was a Southerner. My parents were from Michigan, and I had a Nonna who only spoke Italian, so it was easy to tell myself I wasn’t rooted in North Carolina, even though I’ve lived here all of my life. Since coming back from college where I lived in the mountains of North Carolina, I realized how much I have become rooted to this place and how being a Southerner is not a bad thing. Reading fashion blogs from across the world has really made it apparent to me that I’m a Southerner in the way I dress, and I like that. One of the things that is most distinctive about where I live is the annual camp meeting which is hard to explain so I’ll just post a link here. The short version is that it’s 2 weeks in August where a lot of people come to this campground for religious revival services (if they’re religious), talking with family and friends, and staying in old wooden buildings called “tents”. It started in 1794, so it’s an old tradition in the area, and I happened to go there tonight to spend time with my family.

Below is a very picture heavy post of my outfit and camp meeting.

In August, North Carolina is hot and humid, so I knew I needed to keep my outfit temperature appropriate and good for sitting outside. I got this top at Nordstrom, and it’s by Bobeau. It has fluttery sleeves, but also has fabric under your arm like a normal top, which I appreciate since a lot of butterfly sleeved items have large, gaping sections.

I stuck with my trusty Old Navy shorts and Nine West sandals that I’ve had for a few years.

I love the colors in this print.

Since I was doing some work before I headed to the campground, I decided to keep it simple with just earrings as accessories. I didn’t realize when I got these that they were clip-ons, but I still love them even if they feel a little weird wearing them.

This outfit ended up being perfect for an evening spent playing games and sitting outside at the campground.

Shop: Top, Shorts, Sandals – no longer available, Earrings – Similar

Now on to my random campground pictures:

A row of “tents” that many families have owned for generations.

Children playing.

More tents.

My cousin’s child cheesing at me.

We played Sorry, and I won :).

A random picture of Lola to keep you on your toes ;).

Family talkin’, laughin’, and swingin’

Beautiful evening sky

It felt good to embrace my southern roots today.

Does where you live have its own personality and quirks? How have your “roots” affected your style?


  1. I’ve lived in NC my entire life so I think I have a lot of the southern quirks such as my affinity for sweet tea, grits, and the word “y’all”. I also find that I’m influenced heavily by my fiance who grew up in Newark, NJ and his family who are originally from Italy. We’ve been together for 6 years so we’ve had plenty of time to rub our speech patterns and family traditions off on each other, lol.

    Fashion wise, I think my style is very similar to yours… I like cute, feminine, comfy, stylish, and functional clothes. I don’t know if that’s a Southern thing but I have notice that I’m okay with rockin’ my flip flops, jeans, and air-dried natural hair whereas my Jersey girls love some 5 inch heels, full-on makeup, and big hair-sprayed hair all day, everyday. I just can’t deal with all that, lol.

    1. Mm, sweet tea! I think you described it perfectly. We want to be stylish, but functional is priority! It’ll be interesting to see if my style changes when I meet my Mr. Right 🙂 Thanks for the comment! I always enjoy yours!

  2. Thanks for sharing about the Camp and tents! That is so cool! I’ve never heard of such a thing and while I’m not religious I just love the history behind stuff like that! It was really neat to read about!

    1. Same with me, Jolene! I remember going as a teen to walk around and look at boys, and now it’s interesting to go back and learn more about how it was built and all of that. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  3. COOL!

    This tent city somewhat reminds me of the tent city in Ocean Grove, NJ, which you can find at: oceangrove.org/pages/tentcity

    Being originally from NJ influences me in that I like the type of clothes that can be considered flashy in other parts of the country – think big graphics, rhinestones, lots of bright colors. And, in the NY-NJ area, leggings ARE pants.

  4. I, too, am a southerner. I’ve always had a certain pride about being from the south. Something about the history, culture, and a certain fondness for big family gatherings. I honestly don’t know if my southern roots have affected my sense of style. I never put much thought into it. I guess I’d say my southern grandmother has the most effect on my style. I won’t wear anything that would horrify her. I dress modestly. Don’t show too much “nekkid legs” as she says.


    1. I always find it interesting how we have that one person we try not to dress against. I’d never wear anything that’d make my mom uncomfortable. Thanks for sharing!

  5. i was just looking through your blog (this is the first time i’ve seen it which is why i’m just now commenting on an entry from August) and i got so excited to see this! i went to campmeeting the summer of 2010 with my grand mom, my great aunt, and my great grandfather. i’ve never heard anyone else besides my family talk about it!! but i love your style and i wish i could hire you to make outfits for me.

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