Sometimes I fall for a certain style, trend, or texture and then find myself buying more and more of it. This month I’ve really fallen for lace and metal details. I like how I can add a lace item to soften a look or put on a metal chain to add some edge, and I think these items can carry me through fall and winter. Here are some of my newest buys in plus-size clothing and accessories in lovely lace and edgy metal.

1. Satin and Lace Panel Top

2. White Owl Rhea Lace Cuff in Pale Mint

3. White Owl Calliope Lace Earrings in Dusky Grey

4. Sequin Textured Status Link Necklace in Hermatite

5. Sophisticated Knit Top

6. V Ring

Are there any trends, items, or textures you’ve been buying a lot of lately?