Clothing Spotlight: The Maxi Dress

Last week, Stiletto Siren asked me if I’d like to do a guest post on her site. Well if you know Stiletto and know her…


Last week, Stiletto Siren asked me if I’d like to do a guest post on her site. Well if you know Stiletto and know her site, then you know I very willingly jumped on the chance to be a part of Lips, Hips, and Fatshion Tips. For that piece, I talk about transitioning the maxi dress to fall, or at least early fall, but we all know that we have a few weeks left in the summer, so I thought I’d share another summer-appropriate look here.

Sometimes I can get pigeon-holed into wearing the same style of clothing all the time because it’s “me”, but then there are days that I want to leave it all behind and try on someone else’s look. I always wore my maxi dresses either without any cover up or with a cardigan/jacket, so I decided to step out of my fashion comfort zone and rock a cropped top instead.

The cropped top here is a satin and lace panel top from Forever21+ that didn’t fit correctly. Because my hips are wider than my upper body, tops that have bands at the bottom can be a problem on my body, so I just changed it to a shorter top to make it work. To the naked eye, my maxi dress could not be seen through the material, but this photo tells me I might want to layer a black undertank next time I wear this out. Although the camera doesn’t catch it well, changing this top to a cropped top gave it a really pretty billowing effect over the maxi dress

The back of the top has a lace panel that I let the maxi color come through, but I also think it’d look good with a black cami underneath.

To accessorize the outfit I added on a dark chain necklace that brought a little shine to the outfit. I’m kind of in love with this chain necklace, so I’m sure by the end of winter, you’ll be thoroughly annoyed with how often I wear it.

Shop: Top, Dress–bought on so no longer available–Similar, Necklace

I’d absolutely love it if you’d go see my guest post on Stiletto’s site where I take the maxi from summer to fall!

How do you wear your maxi dresses in the summer time? Are cropped tops a yes or no for you?


    1. Thanks, Claire!! I’m finally falling back in love with my hair, which is nice because it’s been awhile! This is the first cropped top I like, and I’m not sure how often I see myself wearing it. It’s a tricky item for me.

  1. I love this look! I tried to replicate this look with a maxi skirt, it sort-of worked, but didn’t look this good.

    p.s. I think the way you’re wearing it now looks great! No need for a black tank.

    1. Thanks, Piper! Will you be posting it on your blog? I’d love to see it! I don’t own any maxi skirts, but I’m thinking I need to bite the bullet and find one I love. It’d be so much easier to wear. Thanks for the feedback! I don’t have many people to bounce ideas around with, so I love hearing what others think about how I pair things.

  2. This outfit is simply amazing! I don’t think you need to wear a black tank under it. The contrast of the black lace with the coral is really nice!

    I’ve been wearing some of my maxi dresses as skirts, with a top over them, similar to how you are now. It is nice to mix it up and get a little more use out of pieces vs wearing them the same way – for me anyway. I’ve even tried hiking some of them up and draping the fabric with a belt… but that hasn’t worked so well. Ha~

    I love how you’ve been styling this necklace. I’ve been trying to thrift a thick-ish chain necklace (or heck, any long gold/silver necklaces for layering) for almost two years but have pretty much given up hope.

  3. Oh wow, that looks fantastic! I don’t go sleeveless so love the idea of a sheer(ish) crop top over a maxi. It just adds a bit of a change from a shrug or cardigan.
    Your hair is all types of gorgeous!

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