Hello everyone! I’m currently trying to decide how I want to spend my money to create my fall wardrobe (at least, that’s what I tell myself, but really I buy stuff year round :-X), so when Evans sent me a peek at their new COLLECTION range that rolls out in late September, I was pretty excited to see what they’d be offering for fall and wanted to share with you. I know some other bloggers have already posted these pics, but figured I’d do it here too in case you haven’t seen them.

Look 1: I’m kind of give or take with the blouse, but I think it looks fabulous with this skirt. I’m completely in love with this maroon skirt. I’m not sure how functional it would be in my wardrobe, but I can always figure that out later, right?! I love the waist band and the pleats. Having seen the full length pleated skirt they brought out in the last COLLECTION range, I’m guessing this will also be chiffon, but I could be wrong. I love the accessories, which you’ll see the purse better in a later picture. I have no idea if the pumps will be offered at Evans (in an xwide, please!), but if they’re there then they’ll be in my wardrobe soon enough! Love them!

Look 2: I really like the sleeves on this dress, and it’s a good possibility that I may look to purchase this one. I could see myself wearing it to many different types of events, and again, the burgundy color is so beautiful. I would want a closer look at the detail on the dress, but I do like it. I’d also get those shoes if they are available.

Look 3: See that purse?! Yea, I love it. You’re probably more focused on the coat though, which is obviously stunning. Sometimes I wish I lived in a city, so coats like this would make more sense for my life, but I don’t see myself wearing this to my university. Still gorgeous though!

From what I’ve seen, this is definitely a dress-ier collection, and I can probably find my holiday outfits here plus some really cool accessories. I’m hoping to see some more items I can work into my everyday wardrobe, though.

Which look do you like the best? What would you like to see in the collection?