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On Saturday my oldest sister graduated from her dual master’s program. The day made me think of a lot of things: 1) How proud I…


On Saturday my oldest sister graduated from her dual master’s program. The day made me think of a lot of things: 1) How proud I was of my sister to complete a master’s program while working full-time and being incredibly active in community groups. 2) How only a little over a year ago I had graduated. 3) How in a little under a year I’ll (hopefully) be graduating with my master’s degree. Let’s just say that #1 made me happy, and number 2 and 3 gave me some worries.

In the past year and a half, my life has been full of transitions. I transitioned from a full-time student to a full-time student-teacher, which really messes with your head in which role to take since I was under my co-teacher, but above other students. Then I transitioned into a graduate student, which sparked a whole new set of worries, but also interests and excitement. Now I’m over the half-way mark of my graduate studies and looking downward towards graduation. I’ve already started having dreams about teaching again (usually that I show up without any preparation–not fun!).

All of these transitions is why I started blogging. For me, reading y’alls’ blogs gave me something steady. Writing a blog has definitely helped me direct my energy towards positive things rather than negative worries (can you tell I’m a worry-wort?).

The dress I chose to wear to my sister’s graduation definitely showed me that I have transitioned. A year ago I would not have given it a second glance, but times have changed and I’m willing to try out fashion items that I wouldn’t have dared to wear a year ago. I used to wear all solid colors, but this year I’ve really gotten into prints, and I was surprised when I fell in love with this one.

Now I will admit, I didn’t fall in love with the print immediately. What drew me in was the shape of the dress. I typically wear a love of dress that are a-line, since my hips are a larger size than my top, but this dress seemed like it was made for someone with a body just like mine. I loved the draping of the fabric, and the tightness at the waist.

Then I looked closely at the print and realized there were shapes of flowers hidden in the lavender, gray, and white. That’s when I decided to step out of my typical style and get my first Suzi Chin dress.

Since the dress had so much going on with it, I decided to keep it simple with my jewelry and chose pieces from my mom’s dresser in a hematite color.

My sister’s graduation mostly reminded me to keep moving forward, whether that be through my education, career, hobbies, relationships. Hold on to the memories, but don’t let them stop you.

What are/were some big transitions in your life? How has your clothing transitioned along with you?

Congrats, Joanna! I’m so proud of you!


  1. Beautiful dress girl… you look awesome!

    And I will say that my clothes and style have definitely changed along with the different careers I’ve held. My wardrobe tends to be made of mostly “work clothes” so whatever job I have, influences a good 90% of what’s in my closet. For example, I worked for a credit card company for a few years and they had a very lax dress code; people would even wear their pajamas to work. I was never that slouchy but I did live in my jeans and flip flops. Then I moved on to an insurance company that was the polar opposite and very, very professional. They were so bad, that I got in trouble for wearing knit separates from New York and Co one day. Then I landed my current job about 5 years ago (I feel like I’m dating myself here, lol.) We have a business-casual policy so no jeans unless it’s for a fund raiser but I can still wear cute outfits that let my slightly eclectic personality shine through which is awesome!

  2. Love this dress on you, it really shows off your curves in all the right ways.

    This august I’ve transitioned into a mom of two kids of school age – one who is homeschooled, the other is in special needs classes in regular school. We’ve also transitioned into a gluten free, casein free diet to help with my autistic daughter.


  3. I LOVE THIS DRESS!!! Congratulations on your graduation///forward progress (and not ‘just’ in being graduated!) WOW!!!!!!

    Yeahhh, my clothing transitions with me, indeed … boy, this is a subject I can pull the curtain back on and tell you all types of stories about, my friend!

  4. I love the print. I too have a body that is heavy at the bottom but I feel like I need a bigger bossom. Hehe! But the dress, it just flatters you. It IS FOR YOU! IT IS FOR US! I’ll try to find a dress here in the Philippines similar to yours, in that cut.

    By the way, I can also relate to how you are feeling. I transitioned from being a law student, although I was then working as well, to being a full-time employee. I miss law school and the pressures I get (that I must be a lawyer and I must be gainfully employed) is oftentimes making me crack. Fashion, blogging and reading blogs like yours keep me sane.

  5. Congratulations to your sister! What an amazing accomplishment. One of the things I really enjoy about your blog is your focus on education – You go Girl! 🙂

    Now, about this dress. It has to be THE most stunning dress I’ve seen on your blog yet. The color looks beautiful on you, the print, the style — A+ I love it!

  6. That dress makes you look like something I would like to eat! I would love to have your curves, they are so beautiful. Woudn’t mind the dress either. 🙂

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