Whenever I go shopping I tend to think about my style, if an item fits within it, and whether it’d work with the rest of my clothes in my closet. Sometimes that can be a great way to shop, but then I think about all of the items I liked but were out of the bounds of my “style”. One of the greatest things about plus size fashion blogging is getting to know others’ styles, and sometimes I find myself crossing the boundary of my style to try on one of my fave bloggers’ style. Georgina from Cupcake’s Clothes has a style all her own and rocks the babydoll/Lolita look to perfection. It’s not my style, but she definitely influenced me with today’s look, especially in two of her recent posts with black dress: here and here.

I’m not typically a short dress kind of person, but Georgina’s style made me want to try out the look, and the lace gives the dress a babydoll feel.

To make the look my own I added my new suede red heels that I’m totally in love with (and they’re actually comfortable!) and darker lipstick. I also decided to try softer curls by using my straightener as a curling iron and a braid across the front. I liked how it looked, but 2 hours later I’m sitting here with straight hair again.

I’m not in love with the sleeves being so sheer, but the camera makes it more apparent than just seeing it in person. I added some sparkle with an old cocktail ring from Target and earrings from Forever21.

I’m also wearing my favorite new nail polish called Ruby Ribbon by Revlon. It’s the perfect deep red, almost muddy red.

Shop: Dress (Evans), Heels (Target), Earrings (Forever21), Ring (Target), Nail Polish (Revlon)

Lesson learned today? Trying clothing that’s not necessarily your “style” can be really fun, and letting other bloggers influence your style means you get to push your self beyond your own clothing boundaries, and you just might find that you feel a little saucy in a little black dress, which is always great.

What bloggers influence your style? Any clothing items you’ve recently been eying that crosses the boundaries of your typical “style”? Tell me about it in the comments! 🙂